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  • Made in Austria

    The Silhouette brand is synonymous with the very highest levels of precision, premium quality and innovation. Since our company was founded in 1964, we have continually invested in our production facilities in our home country of Austria. This has ensured that we can continue to maintain the position we have held for decades as a leader in quality in the premium eyewear segment. We set the highest standards for craftsmanship and are unwaveringly committed to quality and design as well as to our town of origin, Linz in Austria.

  • Why makes Silhouette’s high-tech titanium so special?

    Our titanium glasses are made using premium high-tech titanium.
    Compared to stainless steel, which is also used in the eyewear industry, high-tech titanium is seven times more flexible, without losing its shape. It weighs only half as much as stainless steel, making it extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear. It is also twice as strong, which makes titanium glasses highly durable and resistant to wear and tear.

    We owe the excellent quality of our glasses not just to the optimised titanium alloy we use but also to our production processes, which we continually strive to perfect. Our goal is to consistently achieve the best quality as we turn raw materials into the smoothest and most refined surfaces. We are committed to using all our materials as efficiently as possible and minimising waste. And all of this enables us to deliver the high quality that our customers expect.

    Silhouette eyewear is made entirely without screws and many of our models are also made without hinges. High-tech titanium is an extremely flexible and durable material. It is hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for customers with sensitive skin. The combination of these exceptional properties enables us to create the most comfortable glasses while also expanding the possibilities of our unique minimalistic designs. High-tech titanium is also resistant to cosmetics and UV light. What’s more, it perfectly maintains its shape for a comfortable fit, day in and day out.

  • What is the country of origin for the titanium Silhouette uses?

    Titanium is the main material we use to make our eyewear. All the titanium we use consists of special alloys that are not available in Europe and are sourced exclusively from Japan. Our suppliers there are ISO-certified and regularly publish their own sustainability reports.

  • What makes Silhouette’s SPX®+ so special?

    Our SPX®+ material offers clear and proven benefits for manufacturing plastic glasses. All the materials we use to make our eyewear must be able to fulfil specific requirements with regards to lightness, finish, precision, flexibility and strength. SPX®+ is processed using state-of-the-art injection moulding, enabling us to create nearly any shape or dimensions for each model, working either manually or semi-automatically. This enables us to work with far greater precision than conventional techniques which involve milling frames out of acetate. SPX®+ types with different degrees of hardness are fused together using composite injection moulding technology. For example, a softer plastic is injected over the hard temple inlay to make the temple soft and comfortable. Combining innovative materials and techniques enables us to minimise waste during production.

    SPX®+ maintains its shape perfectly despite its extreme flexibility. It is twice as strong as acetate, although it is nearly 40% lighter. The perfect balance of lightness and strength makes it an ideal material for creating unique minimalistic designs that offer the highest comfort and functionality. The flexible, heat-resistant material never loses its shape and fits comfortably and securely all day long. With SPX®+, you never have to worry again about uncomfortable pressure points on the nose or behind the ears.

  • From which country of origin does Silhouette source its SPX®+?

    The polyamide granulate for SPX®+, which is also one of the main materials we use to create our eyewear, is made by a renowned supplier in Switzerland with a responsible corporate approach to environmental protection, safety, health and social responsibility.

  • Packaging

    All Silhouette eyewear comes with a lens cleaning cloth, a matching case and an information leaflet.

  • How can I find out which frame size/temple length is right for me? What should I keep in mind?

    Please arrange an appointment with an optician near you to find out which frame size and temple length are right for you. They can perform the necessary measurements to determine the right sizes.

  • How should I clean and care for my glasses/sunglasses?

    To ensure perfect vision and functionality, clean the lenses regularly with clean water and a soft cloth. We recommend using the cleaning cloth that comes with your glasses, or a similar micro-fibre eyewear cleaning cloth. You can also use a mild soap, washing-up liquid or standard commercial eyewear cleaners. Never rub the lenses dry, but lightly dab them with a soft cloth or leave them to air dry instead.

  • How should I transport my Silhouette eyewear?

    To avoid damaging them, always store and transport your glasses/sunglasses in a suitable case.

  • Are Silhouette glasses cases also available for sale?

    When you buy a pair of Silhouette glasses, you will always receive a matching Silhouette case to go with them. If you need a new case, please get in touch directly with one of our partner opticians near you.

  • What are the technical specifications of Silhouette sunglasses?

    Silhouette sunglasses offer anti-glare protection and 100% protection against UV radiation (UVA/UVB/UVC, up to UV 400). They also keep your eyes protected from snow, rain and wind. All Silhouette sunglasses lenses are made from durable polycarbonate, making them extremely break-resistant. They also include back-surface anti-reflective coating.

    They do not provide suitable protection against heavy impacts, hard objects, looking directly into the sun, lamps with high radiant energy or sunbeds.

  • How do I tell the protection level of my sunglasses using the numeric code on the inner side of the temple?

    Silhouette sunglasses lenses are made from polycarbonate and meet the international requirements for protection against UVA, B and C rays.
    If you want to know which filter category and international standard your lenses comply with, check the code that is stamped on the inner side of the temple.

    The first digit specifies which standard is used (EU, Australia or USA); the digit in parentheses specifies the filtering category the lens belongs to, and how the lens is intended to be used.

    Category 0: Untinted to lightly tinted; light transmittance between 80 and 100%. The lenses can be worn while driving either in the daytime or at night.

    Category 1: Lightly tinted; light transmittance between 43 and 80%. The lenses can be worn while driving in the daytime but not at night.

    Category 2: Moderately tinted; light transmittance between 18 and 43%. The lenses can be worn while driving in the daytime but not at night.

    Category 3: Dark tinted; light transmittance between 8 and 18%. The lenses can be worn while driving in the daytime but not at night.

    Category 4: Very dark tinted; light transmittance between 3 and 8%. The lenses cannot be worn while driving.

  • What are the advantages of Silhouette Light Management®?

    We developed our patented Silhouette Light Management® lens technology specifically for our sunglasses. This unique lens-making technology is exclusive to Silhouette sunglasses.
    Silhouette Light Management® lenses provide a pleasant brightening effect and comfortable vision along with complete sunlight protection, enabling you to enjoy all the following benefits:

    • Enhanced colour brilliance for vivid, intense colours with a focus on cool and warm tones

    • Stronger contrasts so you see more detail with enhanced depth perception

    • Total protection: 100% UV protection up to UV 400, along with absorption of harmful blue light, and strong anti-glare and flash protection

    Silhouette Light Management® technology is integrated into most of our sunglasses models, but it is not technically feasible in models with lighter lenses, such as Classic Gradients.

  • What are the advantages of polarising lenses?

    Silhouette's POL filter gives you extra protection against glaring sunlight and strong reflections. Our polarising lenses deliver relaxed vision so your eyes do not become fatigued as quickly.

    Please remember that wearing polarised glasses may limit your ability to see images on liquid crystal displays such as smartphones, laptops and dashboard displays etc.

  • Are there clip-ons available for rimless prescription glasses?

    We offer clip-ons in two different colours: grey and brown. In general, clip-ons are available for most of our rimless glasses. The lenses have a polarising (POL) effect.

    In addition to the clip-ons, we also offer Style Shades. Unlike clip-ons, Style Shades are available in 5 different lens shapes (each in 2 sizes) and three different colours. The Style Shades let you instantly transform your rimless prescription glasses into a pair of stylish sunglasses. While the clip-ons always have the exact same shape as the lenses of your rimless glasses, Style Shades let you create an entirely different look.

    Both clip-ons and Style Shades give you 100% UV protection and a POL filter, so you always enjoy clear vision. They are also light as a feather, making them extremely comfortable to wear.

  • What is Silhouette Vision Sensation®?

    Silhouette Vision Sensation® means that your glasses are ‘100% Silhouette’—this guarantees the highest quality from the lenses and frames to the service you receive.

    We design and create all our lenses and frames ourselves at our headquarters in Linz, Austria.

    • Our consistent approach to how we design and create our glasses guarantees a tailor-made look and feel.
    • At our Silhouette Lens Lab, we adjust each pair of lenses to meet our customers’ individual needs.
    • By the time the glasses are ready to be shipped to you, they have already passed 100 quality checks to make sure they meet our strict standards.
      Find our more about Silhouette Vision Sensation®.
  • Can I buy glasses directly from Silhouette?

    Silhouette glasses are available for sale from our partner opticians. To find a partner optician near you, please use our Retailer Search tool on our website. Our partner opticians can advise you on choosing the right pair of Silhouette glasses.

    We also offer our Click & Collect service, which lets you have three pairs of Silhouette glasses of your choice shipped to a partner optician near you. You can then try on the glasses at the optician’s shop and pay for the pair(s) you wish to keep. Our Click & Collect service is currently available in:

    • Germany
    • Austria
    • United Kingdom (excluding Northern Ireland)

    You can also buy Silhouette sunglasses directly from our online shop in:

    • Germany
    • Austria
    • USA
  • How can I find a Silhouette retailer near me?

    Please use our Retailer Search tool on our website to find a Silhouette partner optician near you.

    You can search be entering the name of your town/city or entering your postcode.

  • Where can I take part in an eyewear style consultation?

    If you are searching in a country where we also offer eyewear style consultations, you will also find a filter for this option in the Retailer Search. This lets you easily search for opticians who can provide you with an eyewear style consultation. Use the Contact option in the Retailer Search to get in contact directly with a partner optician.

  • Are Silhouette glasses available through any online retailers?

    Our sunglasses are currently available for sale in our online shop in:

    • Austria
    • Germany
    • USA

    If you are located outside of these countries or if you would like to buy Silhouette prescription glasses, please visit any of our partner opticians near you.

  • I would like to have my Silhouette glasses adjusted. Where can I do that?

    If you would like to have your Silhouette glasses adjusted, please visit any of our partner opticians near you. They will adjust your glasses to ensure they fit perfectly to provide the Silhouette comfort that you expect.

  • I would like to apply for a job at Silhouette. Where can I submit my application?

    Thank you for your interest in our company. We invite you to apply directly on our website for any positions that are currently available.

    To see which jobs are currently available, please visit our corporate website.

  • Can I take a tour of the Silhouette production facility?

    Our company headquarters is not open to the public.

  • About Silhouette

    Our success story began in 1964 when Anneliese and Arnold Schmied founded a new eyewear company driven by their long-term vision and passion. They were united by a vision of creating the world’s most beautiful eyewear, with an unwavering commitment to superior quality.

    Headquartered in Linz, Austria, Silhouette International Schmied AG is now the global market leader in premium eyewear, with a workforce of around 1,400 employees. Today, three generations later, our company is still 100% family-owned. The company sets high standards for craftsmanship and is firmly committed to quality and design as well as to its town of origin, Linz in Austria.

    Our family company’s leadership team consists of CEO/CFO Reinhard Mahr, COO Thomas Windischbauer, CSO Christian Ender and CMO Michael Schmied.

    Learn more about Silhouette.

  • What is Silhouette doing to promote sustainability and protect the climate?

    Our company has always been guided by a strong sense of responsibility towards the world around us. We are committed to striking a healthy balance between people, the planet and our company’s success. We believe that we can actively shape the future for the better. And that is an opportunity that we do not want to miss.

    As part of our long-standing commitment to sustainable business practices, Silhouette International serves as a role model as an active member of multiple sustainability organisations, including the Austrian Climate Federation, which we joined in early-2020.
    Companies in the Austrian Climate Federation are committed to sustainable business practices, responsible handling of resources and our responsibilities towards society.

    At Silhouette, we are dedicated to protecting the planet. That's why we've put the strictest environmental protection policies in place throughout our company, far exceeding the legal requirements. In 2021, we became the only eyewear brand ever to be certified under the European Commission's Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).

    For a detailed description of all our activities in the areas of sustainability, climate protection, social responsibility and our long-term vision for our company and region, please read our full sustainability report.

  • How can I contact Silhouette?

    You can also reach us any time by submitting your query using your Contact form.

    If you are a business customer (eyecare professional), please contact our local support team in your country.

    If you are a member of the press, please find our press contact details on our Newsroom page.

    We will respond to all queries as quickly as possible. In some cases, it may take longer to get back to you. Thank you for your patience!

  • How does the Virtual Try-On tool work?

    You've seen some glasses you like. Now you can try them on virtually on our website. It's a great way to get to know our extensive product range and to find out which of our various models suit you the best.

    To do a Virtual Try-On, take a video of your face using the camera on your device (desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone). Make sure that you follow the instructions on how to move your face. You'll also be asked to hold a standard-sized credit card in front of your face (this is an optional step that you can skip) — please use the reverse side of the card so the camera doesn't capture your personal information. Putting the credit card in the frame ensures that the glasses are displayed at the right size. Now you're all set to try on models from our wide range of prescription glasses and sunglasses that are available to try with our Virtual Try-On tool.

  • How can I access the camera?

    The Virtual Try-On tool will ask your permission to use your camera. Once you have granted permission, the tool will use the camera on your device.

  • Where can I find the Virtual Try-On tool on

    You can find the Virtual Try-On tool on the Silhouette website. In addition, all products that can be tried on virtually can be identified by an icon. You can also access the tool via the product page of any item with Virtual Try-On capability.

  • Can Virtual Try-On footage be downloaded as an image?

    Yes, the Virtual Try-On tool allows you to download the video footage as an image.

  • Can Virtual Try-On footage be saved?

    You can view the video recording in your user account for 1 year after it has been taken. However, this depends on the availability of your user account (which varies depending on your country) or whether you have accepted browser session cookies with a duration of 90 days. This happens automatically as soon as you re-start the Virtual Try-On process. The process works with session cookies provided that the cookies stored via your browser have not been deleted in the meantime. You can delete the video at any time. Our software provider ditto Technologies Inc. stores data on their servers for 2 years. You can ask our software provider to delete your data at any time by revoking your consent.

  • Why do I need a credit card for the video?

    The credit card is used to help scale the glasses so that they are displayed on the face at the right size.

  • How can the video quality be improved?

    Please ensure that you take the video in a bright, well-lit place. You will also achieve better results in the video if your hair is pulled back and your ears are visible. Look directly into the camera on your device and follow the instructions guiding you through the Virtual Try-On process.

  • How realistic are the glasses in the Virtual Try-On?

    The glasses and colours are displayed in a realistic way. There may be minor differences due to the way different screens are set up.

  • Which glasses can I try on with the Virtual Try-On tool?

    The Virtual Try-On tool is available for a selected range of optical eyewear and sunglasses. The models which have a Virtual Try-On option are highlighted with an icon.

  • Can you see at a glance which products can be tried on virtually?

    There is an icon that shows which products have a Virtual Try-On option.

  • Where can I get help if I encounter any technical problems?

    If you have any problems when using the Virtual Try-On, please get in touch with us via our contact form.