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Going coastal

The coastal cities of Barcelona, Miami and New York are home to vibrant neighborhoods, breathtaking architecture and bustling waterfronts. Our vibrant new collections take its inspiration from these iconic cities. Crafted using cutting-edge processes and materials, each design paints an evocative picture of the neighborhood behind its name.

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  • Female model wearing Rimless Shades

  • Rimless Shades: Natural Chic

    The rimless sunglasses Begur, Calella, Cadaqués and Bogatell are inspired by the vibrant lifestyle of Barcelona and its coastal towns. They feature rimless curves and ultralight titanium temples.

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  • Female model wearing Rimless Shades

  • Male model wearing Accent Shades

  • Accent Shades: Playful Eccentricity

    Inspired by Barcelona's artistic district, the Ribera cat-eye sunglasses have a timeless design with almond-shaped frames and accent rings. Sant Martí features octagonal lenses and curved cutouts, reminiscent of the neighborhood's unique eccentricity. Combining minimalist designs with maximalist details, the shades of Pedralbes and Sarria exude glamour, mirroring the upscale neighborhoods they are named after.

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  • Female model wearing Accent Shades

Titan Breeze:
Futuristic Finesse

Poblenou and Sant Pere are creative hubs, home to innovative start-ups and design showrooms. These neighborhoods are captured in two sunglasses designs that are bursting with urban finesse thanks to their wire-thin flexible titanium frames and minimalist aesthetic.

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Timeless design inspired
by iconic places

After discovering Barcelona’s most fascinating neighborhoods through the lenses of our chic, new sunglasses collection, we now turn our gaze to some of Silhouette’s most prestigious designs. These models are inspired by the world’s greatest coastal locations, from the sandy beaches of Miami to the urban buzz of New York City.

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Coconut Grove Yacht Club:
Streamline Collection

The ultralight sunglasses Bayside, Biscayne Bay and Cape Florida stay perfectly in place. Their shape echoes the streamlined shape of boats sailing through the bay’s glistening waters, which are rich with aquatic life. The beautiful materials are combined to create a dynamic and exclusive design.

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City Slickers:
Sun Lite Collection

From rooftop bars in the banking district, the sun sinks behind the skyline. The city streets below are buzzing with life, just like our sunglasses from the Sun Lite Collection. The models Brickell, Baden, Fuschl and Velden all feature thin full-rim frames that perfectly contour to the face.

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  • Eos Sun

  • Suburban Dreams:
    Eos Collection

    The sunlight dazzles across the surface of the water, providing the inspiration for our Eos sunglasses. The transparent frames of Midtown and Aventura transition seamlessly between thick and thin, creating light and shadow and culminating in a shape filled with eccentricity and a distinctive frame-in-frame look. The unisex frames are larger than life, yet light as a feather, with a 70s retro look that remains timelessly contemporary.

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  • Eos Sun

Dreaming big:
New York Sky

The latest, exclusive styles from the Luxury Collection are inspired by rays of sunlight glistening from New York City skyscrapers. Our New York Sky sunglasses embody luxurious lightness. Elegance meets urban coolness plated with 23-karat gold.

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The Visionary:
Futura Dot

Originally designed in 1974, Futura sunglasses are still among the most sought-after collectibles in the world of eyewear. The Futura Dot gives this iconic Silhouette design a contemporary makeover with state-of-the-art materials and cutting-edge design. The new unisex frame is available in four retro-inspired colors and strictly limited to an edition of 1,964 in honor of the year Silhouette was founded. Each pair is engraved with a unique serial number, making it a one-of- a-kind collector’s item.

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Silhouette Light Management®: Enhanced Vision for a brighter mood

Sunlight brings the world around us to life. It’s also essential for our health. At Silhouette, we believe you should be able to fully enjoy the sunshine, especially when you’re wearing sunglasses. That’s why we developed Silhouette Light Management®. This innovative patented technology allows you to see more yellow light, so the world around you appears brighter, with sharper contrasts and more vivid colors. At the same time, Silhouette Light Management® lenses fully protect you from harsh light and glare, including total UV and blue light protection.

Silhouette Light Management®