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Click & Collect Order your favourite glasses online. Try them on at your nearest Click & Collect partner optician. It's simple and convenient.

Silhouette’s Buy Local Initiative

With the Buy Local Initiative, Silhouette combines the best of online and offline shopping. In order to experience a wide range of Silhouette products virtually, the Virtual Try-On offers the opportunity to try on an extended product range online. You can choose your glasses from the comfort of your own home and arrange a professional consultation at a partner optician nearby.

Up to three glasses can be placed in a Click & Collect shopping cart and delivered to the partner optician free of charge. The professional advice, the optical glazing options, as well as the perfect fitting of the glasses and the purchase are carried out directly on site at the local partner. Support your local community and enjoy tailor-made Silhouette service at the Click & Collect partner in your area.

Click & Collect - Benefits

Order your favorite glasses easily and conveniently online and try them on at the Click & Collect partner

This is how it works

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  • You can order a maximum of 3 pairs of glasses in one Click & Collect order. The price stated on the website is the suggested retail price. The actual price can vary from one Click & Collect partner to another. Prices do not include optical glazing.

  • The following options are available when processing your Click & Collect order:

    • I want to check out as a guest

    • I want to create a customer account

    • I want to sign in

    We only ask for information that is necessary to process your order: title, first name, last name and email address. Your telephone number is optional. Your data is collected in order to process your Click & Collect order and is forwarded to the Click & Click partner for this purpose. You can find out more about the way we handle your data in our privacy notice.

  • A Click & Collect order is only available at participating partner opticians. You can view a list of partners and select one during the checkout process. Your order is then sent free of charge to the Click & Collect partner of your choice. As your order will take up to 4 working days to arrive, you can make your appointment four days after you have placed your order at the earliest. There are various one-hour time slots available.

    If you only have sunglasses in your Click & Collect basket, do not require optical glazing, and want to try them on – or simply buy them directly – you don't need to book an appointment. Simply pick up your Click & Collect order and try it on at any time during your chosen optician's usual opening hours.

  • There is no obligation to buy with your Click & Collect order. Delivery to your chosen optician is free of charge. You can pay for the items you like directly at the Click & Collect partner optician.

    The price stated on the website is the suggested retail price. The actual price can vary from one Click & Collect partner to another. Prices exclude optical glazing.

    It is not possible to amend Click & Collect orders once they have been placed. You are welcome to place another order and arrange another appointment with a Click & Collect partner.

  • As soon as you have completed your Click & Collect order, you will receive a confirmation email. Your chosen Click & Collect partner will confirm your appointment within 24 hours (on working days). You will then receive a second confirmation by email.

    If you would like to cancel or rearrange your appointment, please contact your chosen partner optician directly.

    If you do not make it to your appointment and haven't arranged another date with the partner optician, the items you have ordered will be returned to Silhouette.

  • Take a printed or digital copy of your order confirmation to your appointment so that the Click & Collect partner can locate your order.

    You can then try on your order at your chosen Click & Collect optician. The optician will advise you and customise the glasses according to your requirements. Optical glazing can also be ordered if required.

    If you chose optical glazing, you can either bring a copy of your eye prescription to the appointment or ask the optician to arrange an eye test.

    Choose an optician that's convenient for you – and only buy what you like.


Do you need further help?
We would be delighted to answer any questions you might have about your Click & Collect order.

E-Mail: service.en@silhouette.com