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Jim Wetherbee: Silhouette and my space journey
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Former astronaut Jim Wetherbee knows the importance of clear vision and risk-free eyewear in space. A long-time wearer of Titan Minimal Art, he explains why he chose Silhouette to accompany him into space.

A unique space experience

As one of only two people to have commanded five missions in space and the only person to have landed the Space Shuttle five times, former astronaut Jim Wetherbee is an iconic figure in the space industry. Navigating these complex missions has given him unique insight into how eyewear needs to perform under pressure.

For Jim, an unhindered view of space is key, and he explains the part his Silhouette eyewear played in his missions: ‘You must be able to see very clearly, you’re looking at the whole field of vision and if you have any trouble with what you’re seeing you can easily die.’

Chosen by a leading space agency

It is not just the guarantee of good vision that means Jim relies on TMA. The lack of movable components in the design is another reason a leading space agency chose TMA as their standard eyewear for their astronauts.

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‘There are no other glasses I will ever wear. It has to be Silhouette for me.’

Safety in space

Jim explains why the design of TMA is so vital for astronauts: ‘Minimalist design, no hinges, low inertia so they stay on your face, it just feels like you’re not wearing glasses at all. Another advantage up in space is no hinges and no little screws that can inadvertently come out. There’s a lot of vibrations in space and with the absence of gravity things do tend to disassociate so screws will back out and you certainly don’t want screws around the cabin.’

The perfect fit

In addition to performance and safety, fit is key in a no gravity environment. For Jim TMA allowed him to move unhindered by his eyewear: ‘When I move my head, even quickly to see different things the glasses stay in place, they do not move!’

Space and beyond

A committed fan of TMA, both during and post his space career, Jim tells us: ‘There are no other glasses I will ever wear. I cannot wear any other glasses. It has to be Silhouette for me.’

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