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Accent Shades Understated glamour with signature colours and shapes. to the collection

Dynamics Colorwave. Accent Rings

Mix and match shapes, colours and sizes with the Dynamics Colorwave. Accent Rings to create your own individual look, combining all the advantages of lightweight rimless eyewear with creative full-rim style.


Silhouette Vision Sensation® - Frames and lenses from a single source

Now also available with custom-made optical lenses for Silhouette sunglasses, offering a perfect visual experience.

20 Years TMA 8710, colour 6560

20 Years TMA


20 Years TMA

The icon at a glance

Silhouette’s signature rimless model, Titan Minimal Art, celebrates its 20th anniversary with a very special sunglasses collection. Silhouette CEO Arnold Schmied shares the TMA’s success story.

Arnold Schmied, CEO of Silhouette