Less is more: reducing to the max Empowered by our vision

We know that less is frequently more. In fact, minimalism encapsulates our entire design philosophy.

We create products that are made to last, with materials that meet our standards for quality, environmental protection and social responsibility.

A focus on reduction

Our Research and Development team focuses on reducing material consumption for each pair of eyewear we produce. They work continually to discover innovative materials for producing our eyewear.

Made to last

A cornerstone of Silhouette’s ethos is that our products are made to last, with timeless styles and premium craftmanship that stands the test of time.
Many of our designs use the minimum of materials to achieve our signature precision look – no screws are used in our collections and many of our frames are rimless.
The world’s lightest eyewear, the Titan Minimal Art - The Icon, coming in at a featherweight 1.8 grams, cuts down on materials even further by also being hinge-less.
The polyamide granulate for SPX®+ is another key material for our production. By using modern injection molding techniques, we can significantly reduce waste material.

Approach to sustainability

We are already creating less CO2 – read about how we've achieved in our sustainable projects.

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