Lenses in production Lenses in production
For individuals, by individuals Exploring the unique craftmanship behind every pair of Silhouette eyewear.

A production journey

For the wearer, the end result of eyewear that inspires and uplifts is immediately obvious. However to reach this destination Silhouette relies on our exceptional people. With each rimless masterpiece taking 264 steps to make, our characteristic minimalist designs are maximal in their creation.

Handcrafted with care

Silhouette values technology and innovation but pairs this with the attention to detail that comes with hand-made and hand-finished products. Around 80% of the work that goes into each pair of metal Silhouette eyewear is done by hand.

Quality that's proven

As part of our commitment to handcrafted skill, 250 of the 264 steps each pair of Silhouette eyewear are performed by hand at our Austrian location. Each and every pair of Silhouette eyewear also undergoes 100 quality checks. These checks are made by hand with 18 employees devoting more than 35,568 hours a year to this important process. This means you can be assured that your eyewear meets the highest standards.

Panorama Progressive One

Uniquely Silhouette

Alongside our award-winning frames we also create lenses to perfectly match the needs of our wearers.

Each lens is totally unique and made in our
Austrian Lens Lab. This means each pair
promises the ultimate comfort and vision.

Find out more about our award-winning designs here.

Follow the journey

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