Miami Muse How this unique city influenced our new Sun Collections

Home of a dazzling interplay between light and shade, Miami is the perfect inspiration for our Sun Collections in 2022. A city where sun creates awe-inspiring art daily, from the rich sunrises and unique architecturally cast shadows to the playful palm-tree patterns and glowing sunsets, Miami is a city of light.

Range of light and lightness

Shimmering mid-day heat, early morning clear brilliance, deepening early evening skies, Miami offers a range of light and lightness like no other place and as such inspires and informs our interpretation of lightness for our Sun Collections.

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New York Sky
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Streamline Collection

Comprising of four collections – each individually informed by the sunlit style and beauty of Miami – there is a frame for every sun seeker.

For active pursuits

The Streamline Collection is ideal for active pursuits and shares the energy and vibrancy of three luxurious Miami must-visits: The exclusive lagoon setting of Biscayne Bay, an infamous playground of the rich and famous and centre of biodiversity that has long attracted explorers, adventurers and those seeking recreation. The glittering waters of Cape Florida, with a beach made to stroll and swim and offering some serious Caribbean Island style vibes. And finally the waterfront vibrancy of Bayside, in the heart of downtown Miami, with its vibrant nightlife and restaurant scene.

This collection blends hard-wearing and hard-working practicality and protection with stylish lines and iconic design. Featuring wrap-around designs for full protection and soft rubber inlays for a perfect grip and fit, these are frames that play as hard as you do.

Geographical muses

The famously exclusive Fisher Island and the turquoise-watered shores of Star Island are the next destinations our collection visits, acting as geographical muses for our Rimless Shades Collection. These breathe new life into the classic rimless shape, injecting style and lightness with titanium technology for a ‘barely-there’ feel.

The architectural elegance of Miami informs the fashion-forward Eos Collection, with the stylish locales of Aventura and Midtown influencing the 1970’s inspired shaping and unique frame-within-a-frame styling. This retro twist fuses with cutting-edge technology for the perfect blend of heritage and future-gazing.

Almost imperceptible lightness

Borrowing from the classic sun-seeking style of Miami, the Sun Lite Collection offers a classic full-rim option for everyday sun wear. With an adaptable temple, the fit can be adjusted to the wearer while the trademarked SPX®+ offers almost imperceptible lightness.

Style and substance

We know there’s more to sunglasses than just looking good, so at Silhouette we combine our aesthetic sensibilities with a commitment to innovative protection for your eyes and no compromise on vision.

Our Silhouette Light Management® system offers the best possible protection against short-wave blue light, which on a sunny day is almost 1,000,000-times brighter than your computer screen. It also gives 100% UV protection – key for protecting against long-term damage, and offers additional protection against high glare. Plus with comfort in mind, our POL filter eliminates everyday reflections.