Alyssa Carson lies in a circular window overlooking space Alyssa Carson lies in a circular window overlooking space
Mission to Mars Alyssa Carson wants to turn her Space dream into reality.

Alyssa Carson has one mission

Since the age of three, Alyssa Carson has had the ambition to become an astronaut. Having attended several international Space camps in the U.S., Canada and Turkey, Alyssa is the youngest person to be accepted into the Advanced PoSSUM Space Academy, an educational program for aspiring astronauts.

In parallel with her current Space training, she is studying astrobiology at the Florida Institute of Technology. As astronauts have worn Silhouette eyewear on 70 Space missions, we caught up with Alyssa and had a candid conversation about zero gravity, the importance of lightness, her vision and Space movies.

Exclusive interview with astronaut-in-training Alyssa Carson

What does lightness mean to you?

To me, lightness means the freedom to do or move as you please. This can be physically light or even the feeling of being mentally light.

How do you find a sense of lightness in space: in zero gravity or infinity?

There is true lightness in space. Everything in space is in microgravity meaning that nothing has weight. You are able to have the feeling of flying or floating. This feeling is euphoric.

What does it feel like to be in zero gravity?

When in zero gravity it feels like a rollercoaster at first but then your body stays in the air. In the beginning your body is so confused but there is so much adrenaline that you can‘t stop smiling. Being able to do flips or spins makes it even more fun.

How important are lightness and technical precision in space?

Weight plays a major role in space travel. Although everything is weightless once it is in space, it takes a lot to send heavy things up there. All weight must be considered to ensure that the rocket has the right amount of fuel and thrust to make it to space. Precision is also important. Space is relatively safe but everything should be done with caution to prevent any emergencies.

What is your favorite star or constellation to observe?

My favorite constellation is Orion. Specifically I like the three major stars that make up Orion‘s belt. These are typically pretty easy to spot since they are in a straight line.

What discoveries would you like to undertake in space?

The area of space that I would like to work in is astrobiology. Within astrobiology I would like to do research with bacterial samples to see what discoveries we find can actually aid the problems that continue in space. Another thing I would like to research is the possibility of bacterial life living in areas of Mars.

What can we as humans on Earth learn from space?

Space pushes us to think outside of the box and come up with new solutions to problems. Even though the problem is related to space we can still use that same technology to solve the problems down here on Earth. Space and Earth are connected.

What’s your favorite space movie?

My favorite space movie is The Martian. For a more sci-fi movie I like Contact and for a more documentary movie I like Hubble.

How can you sharpen your vision?

I can sharpen my vision by always being attentive to new things coming my way. Space is constantly evolving so you have to evolve with it. For my actual poor eyesight I will be sharpening my vision with Silhouette eyewear.

Alyssa has held her vision of Space travel since childhood and today she chooses Silhouette to be part of that dream.

"Space pushes us to think outside the box and come up with new solutions to problems."