TMA – The Icon in space Practicality and function: A visionary journey

The precision of Titan Minimal Art

We know all of our eyewear collections deliver not only on style and design but also on practicality and function. Nowhere is the latter clearer than in the decision by a leading space agency to equip its astronauts with our Titan Minimal Art (TMA) glasses.

The history behind TMA

Created in 1999, TMA quickly earnt legions of fans due to its minimalistic design and ease of wear. The design, a rimless shape formed with a titanium frame, weighs in at a super-lightweight 1.8 grams. It was this combined with the hinge-less and screwless construction that brought it to the attention of a leading space agency who in 2000 adopted the TMA as standard for all its astronauts.

The reasons TMA was chosen for space travel

Famed for the hinge-less and screwless design, for space travel this means more than just comfort and aesthetics. The lack of screws is an important factor as there would be no risk of any components of the frames becoming loose and potentially damaging equipment or contributing to injuries.

Materials matter in space

The high-tech titanium alloy used for the eyewear also allows extreme durability while maintaining comfort of wear, elasticity and lightness, all essential attributes for space travel. TMA is further suited to life in space due to its strength in being resistant to fluctuations in momentum and G-Force.

Space statistics

With all this adding up to TMA spending an incredible 488 days on board, TMA truly proves itself as the ultimate in hard-working and hard-wearing opticals, no matter what pressure they are put under.

Silhouette glasses have accompanied astronauts on over 60 space missions.

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