Milan: A city of visionary style Our new collections take center stage at the global eyewear exhibition.

Infamous for being one of the most stylish cities on the world, Milan is the fitting location of MIDO, the global eyewear exhibition celebrating the future of vision.

Internationally recognised for its strong connection to aesthetics and design, from fashion and architecture to culture and nightlife, Milan offers a unique vision of style.

Once a year the city becomes the focus of eyewear design and innovation as it plays host to MIDO, the world’s largest eyewear exhibition. An energetic celebration of the future of the industry, this year saw 35,000 eyewear professionals pass through the doors. MIDO’s biggest year yet.

With a focus on sustainability in the eyewear industry, a shared passion with Silhouette, there was still time for style and glamour with celebrities, influencers, and other eyewear afficionados all in attendance.

2023 marks a year of style-led focus for Silhouette with our three new collections The Wave, TMA - LaLigne and Pure Wave all combining Silhouette’s trademark craftsmanship with a renewed concentration on their aesthetic make up.

From the the innovative arm-detailing of The Wave to the face-shaping contours of TMA - LaLigne and the textile-inspired colors of Pure Wave, Silhouette is combining form, function, and color as never before. Watch this space.