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Silhouette’s Minimalist Mindset How doing more with less leads to our sustainable vision

A minimalist mindset means all aspects of Silhouette’s production are considered and stripped back to only what is necessary. This is to ensure we’re creating eyewear that is considerate to the world around it. From technological innovations to conservation projects, here’s how we ensure Silhouette works towards a vision for the future.

‘Completely stripping down a pair of glasses to the most essential components… is the ultimate method for conserving resources during production.’
Roland Keplinger, Head of Design at the Silhouette Group

A sense of lightness

At the heart of all Silhouette design, a sense of lightness and minimalism is present. This provides not only aesthetic advantages, but is also delivered through a production process that has a minimal impact on the world around us.

In a world where trends can be fleeting, we empower our wearers to make timeless choices that become part of their individual style.

Man wearing Titan Minimal Art - The Icon
Titan Minimal Art - The Icon
Woman wearing Titan Minimal Art - The Icon
Titan Minimal Art - The Icon

Materials matter

Our titanium frames are always made with wire, not titanium plates. This Silhouette method means there is far less material both used and discarded. The iconic Titan Minimal Art models are also created with no hinges and from a single piece of wire, allowing even greater material efficiency. In addition, this process gives Titan Minimal Art its signature ultra-lightweight feel and distinctive minimalist style.

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The secret of SPX®+

We achieve the flexibility, creativity and comfort of our full-rim designs by using SPX®+.
A polymer composite, specially developed for Silhouette, SPX®+ enables unlimited colors, shapes and design details, and when used with our injection-molding process, significantly minimizes material waste with any leftover material being recycled. As eyewear production’s most innovative material to date, the resilience and lightness of SPX®+ empowers the minimalism of Silhouette’s designs.

Reuse and reduce

We use and reuse our water responsibly at our Austrian production facility. Located within a water conservation area, we are constantly looking at ways to save water. Our processes result in reduced water consumption and smaller volumes of wastewater released into the sewage system. We then recycle the water several times before it is purified and released into the local wastewater system. This process is rigorously checked with continuous testing of temperature, pH and volume.

100% Silhouette lens production

We pay special attention to the environmental impact of the lens portion of our production journey. The Silhouette lens production is 100% committed to 0% microplastics contaminating our environment. We produce all of our own lenses in a closed production cycle that prevents any microplastics from entering the water. This is achieved by thoughtful processes including milling instead of grinding non-prescription lenses, not using water in drilling or finishing our lenses, and collecting all residue by a vacuum suction device.

While is it still necessary to grind prescription lenses, the cooling water used in this process is filtered and reused multiple times in the production cycle. For that purpose, the company operates two on-site water purification systems. Water from the production floor is purified before being drained into the local sewage system.