Female model with Titan Dynamics Contour 5540, Shape IO, Colour 3530


N ° 80 | 2020

Beauty in all its forms

Whether it’s eyewear, architecture, makeup, fashion or everyday life, beauty is everywhere we look, in every face and in every detail. So, you want to know who’s the fairest of them all? The mirror might have a surprising answer for you: it’s in the eye of the beholder. And if beauty comes from within, it never fades. It isn’t just a physical feature that catches our eyes, but something that reflects enduring beauty and timelessness. Discover the latest Silhouette Journal No. 80 2020.


Pretty protectors

The ultimate fashion statement meets perfect eye protection. Modern sunglasses combine style with substance. They are a must-have accessory that has continually evolved for centuries. This is the history of sunglasses and sun protection.

You look SPECtacular

Discover how enchanting new eyewear models from Silhouette can enhance your style. Here are a few tips from world-renowned South African Makeup Artist Bianca Hartkopf.

Designer Life

Roland Keplinger, Head of Design at Silhouette since 2012, talks about his sources of inspiration, favourite designs, places to unwind and more.

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