Male model with Style Shades

Style Shades, the clip-on sunglasses

You know how it is: It’s cloudy early in the morning and by midday the sun is shining.

A relaxing lunch on the sun terrace, or a trip out with friends on a bright, sunny day: Keeping flexible is the name of the game. That’s exactly the philosophy behind the stylish, convenient Style Shades which clip on to instantly transform your rimless optical Silhouette eyewear into a trendy pair of sunglasses.

Style Shades give you 100% UV protection and clear vision with their polarizing filter, along with unparalleled lightness and comfort.
From a cool aviator look to a timeless cat-eye shape, there’s something to match any occasion and style.

Optimal sun protection: UV 400

With 100% protection against UV-A, UV-B and UV-C rays and 87% blue-light filters, Style Shades keep harmful sunbeams at bay.

Innovative design to suit any style

Style Shades come in five shapes, each of which is available in two sizes and three different colors. They fit perfectly on Silhouette optical eyewear. The three different nose-bridge options guarantee a secure fit.

Quality, made in Austria

High-tech materials, Clean Coat coating and our ‘handmade in Austria’ approach ensure the finest quality craftsmanship.

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