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Light and Mighty

Ophthalmic Lookbook 2024

Empowered by Lightness

Silhouette is a 3rd generation, family-owned company empowered by lightness, fueled by innovation. For us, lightness is more than a measure of weight, it is the core element woven into the fabric of our being. Each step—from concept to production—happens under one roof in our state-of-the-art campus ensuring minimal waste, best quality, and the lightest carbon footprint.

two people wearing Titan Minimal Art

Titan Minimal Art

Rimless Styles

Pure Minimalism

Discover the essence of premium rimless eyewear. Each piece, from the revolutionary 2-gram Titan Minimal Art to the fluid dynamism of The Wave, embodies a marriage of minimalist aesthetics and sophisticated technology.

The Wave

The Wave

Our collections redefine rimless eyewear through innovative design elements like the Color Groove or tinted lenses. Experience eyewear that is not just seen but felt, in a variety of shapes and finishes tailored to enhance your uniqueness.

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man wearing Titan Minimal Art 5599 NQ 6965 Grey Taurus

Titan Minimal Art

  • woman wearing Infinity View

    Infinity View

  • Full-Rim Styles

    Captivating designs meet cutting-edge materials

    From enchanting two-tone finishes to oversized shapes and vibrant contemporary styles, each frame is crafted for style, comfort, and durability. Silhouette's full-rim collections offer everyday elegance and a perfect fit, ensuring a bold and stylish expression for every wearer.

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  • women wearing Illusion Lite

    Illusion Lite

  • people wearing different kinds of full-rim eyewear

    Vivid Sky, Illusion Lite, Infinity View

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