Woman floats in the air and feels the lightness of the glasses Woman floats in the air and feels the lightness of the glasses
Let the lightness in Feel the empowerment

We believe lightness is a way of life.

A light state of mind overcomes obstacles and barriers, it discards the heaviness of convention and expectation allowing complete freedom and creativity. When we let lightness in we illuminate our world and are able to achieve things we never thought possible.

That is why we embrace lightness at Silhouette, from the physicality of our lesser-framed, lightest-ever eyewear designs to the philosophy behind our brand, ever-searching, ever-curious, ever-visionary, Silhouette will accompany you on your journey to lightness.

Lightness as inspiration

A light state of mind paves the way for your individual interpretation of success. Lightness casts aside traditional notions of ambition and achievement and allows us to make our own rules. Whether it’s shaking up an entire industry, solving a problem that’s left others stuck or redefining what drive and accomplishment mean to you, lightness is key to a clear and focused mind.

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Purist in 7110 Loyal Blue
Our Purist range harnesses the power of lightness.
Purist 7530 Creative Violet
Purist 7530 Creative Violet

Lightness is the path chosen by the innovator, the disruptor, and the trailblazer. Radical ideas always start with lightness and freedom of thought. Allowing our minds to step into the light results in our highest levels of creativity and drive. When we are illuminated by light, solutions find their way to us, and we break down barriers with ease.

The iconic appeal of lightness

Lightness has long been a symbol of hope and wisdom and it is lightness that inspires us to strive to create eyewear that conjure hope and wisdom in you. We design frames that convey your inspirations and aspirations to the world, that allow you to express who you are and who you want to be. We are proud to have created the lightest frames in the world that combine heritage and craftsmanship with high-tech research and design.

Purist hinge
two Purist hinges
Purist from the side

Beyond trends

At Silhouette we create frames that go beyond trends or fashion but instead sit in the realms of iconic style. Giving the wearer the ability to make the frames their own, they combine classical luxury with visionary futurism, resulting in frames that define your look but never overwhelm or dictate it.