woman wearing rimless glasses with petrol colored accent rings woman wearing rimless glasses with petrol colored accent rings
A vision of individuality Offering endless possibilities – define your eyewear style.

With eight shapes, eight color combinations and eight customizable temple accent details, Lite Spirit - Accent Rings allow you to choose eyewear as individual as you are.

Minimalist design with maximum options

As the winner of four design awards, our Lite Spirit - Accent Rings collection is well known for its distinctive full-rim look.

We created this range to be the best of both worlds: the ease and lightness of rimless eyewear; with the stylistic benefits of a full-framed style.

Multiple options for an individual blend

Fusing comfort and concept, Lite Spirit - Accent Rings are now available in eight striking color options, eight statement shapes and eight temple accent details.

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Celebrate your individuality

Empower your eyewear to make a statement about your style.

Choose from strong statement shades like blue or berry and then pair with an innovative cat’s eye or a traditionally elegant round shape.

The finishing touch is the elegant accent ring, fusing perfectly into the arms, creating a smooth, unbroken line.

Attention to detail

Despite a weight of just 0.08 ounces, Lite Spirit - Accent Rings feature a range of distinctive design detailing. The purist line at the front works to enhance the shape of the lenses and creates a seamlessly harmonious design.

Endless possibilities, allowing you to truly express yourself.

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Find your Accent Rings

“Our Accent Rings represent pure lightness, offering a very unique eyewear look. A real Silhouette love story,” explains Silhouette’s Design Director Roland Keplinger.

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