Alex Seifert wearing Momentum Aurum rimless Alex Seifert wearing Momentum Aurum rimless
The art of self-gifting Why you should be investing in a gift to celebrate yourself.

Whilst shopping for the festive season our focus is traditionally on buying gifts for those around us. However, as we make a list of what to buy for our loved ones, there might be an important name we forget. Our own. Self-gifting is on the rise and there’s more to it than simply making sure you get something you love.

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The psychology behind self-gifting

Studies have shown that self-gifting brings with it benefits including stress-release, a sense of relaxation, an enhanced feeling of wellbeing and raising our levels of self-esteem. When we self-gift we acknowledge to ourselves that we deserve to be cherished and celebrated. At this time of year when our time and resources can be pressured, taking time and energy to include ourselves in our gifting plans reminds us of the importance of self-care.

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Discover Your Style with Self-Gifting

The secret to self-gifting

Choosing the perfect self-gift is a journey that starts with introspection. Ask yourself what emotions or memories you wish to evoke with this gift. Is it in celebration of a year of achievements, a reminder of the incredible journey you've undertaken, or perhaps is it a gift that reminds you to take some time for yourself, to slow down over the festive period and allow some headspace to consider your vision for the year ahead?

Considering the type of gift you’re seeking for yourself, it could be anything that resonates with your sense of style and well-being. Perhaps a timeless piece that adds a touch of sophistication to your everyday life, a spa experience to rejuvenate your senses, or an elegant addition that beautifies your living space.

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Elevating Your Self-Gift

Transforming a gift to yourself into a memorable experience is all about the details: Enveloping your chosen item in beautiful wrapping, writing yourself a personal note or mantra that reflects why this gift is a symbol of your worth and aspirations. For that extra touch of suspense and delight, you can tuck your gift away until the perfect moment arrives to unveil it.

Have a great festive season, from all of us at Silhouette.