man and woman wearing Purist Color Groove man and woman wearing Purist Color Groove
Custom made color Featuring hand-applied hues, dive into the dazzling world of the Purist Color Groove collection.

A new vision

Summer is here and with it comes the chance to experiment with your look. One of Silhouette’s latest eyeglass styles, Purist with Color Groove, offers its wearers a chance to personalize their style and add subtle flair with their eyewear.

Current eyewear trends focus on distinctive shades. With a spellbinding spectrum of color finishes Purist with Color Groove more than meets this brief. Allowing the wearer to combine exciting shapes and shades with a rimless frame.

Eyewear as unique as you are

Style is personal to the individual which is why we take such care with our production techniques and ensure they are equally personalized. Purist with Color Groove uses an innovative technique, intricately applying dazzling colors by hand. The result of the technique is color that doesn’t compromise on lightness.

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For trending prescription glasses, empower your vision of color by choosing the 100% Silhouette service and experiencing lenses and frames as one.

Color your way

Inspired by light art installations and optical illusions the collection comes in a range of expressive shapes and highlight colors. Choose from the energetic orange of Papaya, the calming blue of Curacao, the trending pink of Orchid or the versatility of Khaki. Each allows you to celebrate your subtle eccentricity in style.