Why nothing feels like a Silhouette

Why nothing feels like a Silhouette

What comes to mind when you think of how a pair of Silhouette glasses feels? Perhaps you picture a thin veil of fabric, lifted on a gentle breeze. Or a downy feather, drifting towards the ground. Or the airy glass facade of a modern building. Whatever you visualize, we hope it reflects Silhouette’s hallmark of extraordinary lightness. It’s why nothing feels like a Silhouette. Here’s how Silhouette captures that unique lightness in each pair of eyewear we create…

Innovation through technology

High-tech titanium wire

High-tech titanium wire

It takes premium raw materials to create a masterpiece. Silhouette’s distinctive high-tech titanium is just that. Each year, we use around four metric tons of this metal wire to fashion Silhouette glasses. The brushed surface finish and smooth lines of the final product are inspired by nature, making the metal look just as light as it feels to wear.

In 1999, Silhouette’s most famous rimless eyewear, Titan Minimal Art, combined high-tech titanium with groundbreaking technologies to create the ultimate minimalist design. Innovative materials enabled Silhouette to strip away anything superfluous: no frames, screws or hinges, and a final design that weighs only 1.8 grams (less than one-tenth of an ounce).

In addition to titanium, Silhouette uses its own patented synthetic material to create ultralight eyewear designs. Invented in 1983, our unique SPX®+ is a state-of-the-art synthetic material that has helped usher in a new age of lightness in eyewear.

Precision at every step of the process

Final touches being added to TMA – The Icon

Final touches being added to TMA – The Icon

Silhouette’s innovative raw materials are essential to our signature lightness. Yet, these materials are only the beginning. To bring them to life, it takes exceptional craftsmanship. The utmost precision and skill go into processing the high-tech titanium, which is then sculpted to create each pair of glasses for unparalleled comfort.

Each pair of Silhouette glasses undergoes more than 100 quality checks. This ensures that they meet our high standards for design, quality and comfort, every step of the way. Each signature rimless model takes more than 264 steps to produce, many of which are performed by hand. The greatest attention to detail guarantees that each pair is crafted to absolute perfection.

The paradox of strength and lightness

Precise craftsmanship and innovative materials explain the physics behind each piece of super-light Silhouette eyewear. Yet, capturing the feeling of lightness is just as important to us.
Just by looking at a pair of Silhouette frames, you immediately experience the feeling of airiness they convey. And that feeling is fully confirmed the moment you try on the glasses.

Lightness and heaviness are relative terms; it’s the contrast between them that makes us appreciate one in relation to the other.

Silhouette’s philosophy has always been: “Using inner strength to achieve unparalleled lightness.” It’s a feeling we all know well, even if it seems like a paradox: strength creates lightness. When we feel strong mentally, we feel light in spirit. At Silhouette, we refine strong, durable materials until they feel light as a feather. The fusion of these two opposites creates Silhouette’s distinctive style.