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2021 SUN Silhouette collection Distinctive fashion statements with total sun protection.

Superb quality and classic design meet total protection.

The 2021 sunglasses collection is beaming with lightness and style. These timeless, eye-catching designs come in a wide assortment of modern colors and on-trend shapes, with plenty of exciting details.

  • Sun Lite 3192, frame color 8530 Frosty White / Rosé Gold, lens color Glossy Caramel Mirror

  • Sun Lite Collection

    The Sun Lite collection offers a selection of modern-classic shapes: Soft Butterfly, Soft Rectangle anad Classic Panto. They combine ultra-light SPX®+ full-rim frames with trusted glazing techniques and sleek, tapered titanium temples for one-of-a-kind comfort.

  • Sun Lite 4079, frame color 9000 Black / Rhodium, lens color Classic Grey Gradient

  • Female model wearing Sun Lite 4079, frame color 5540 Wild Moss / Brass, lens color SLM POL Green

Accent Shades

This season's collection gets a dynamic update with its fresh new designs. The ever-popular Accent Shades frames feature a seamless, high-quality design with unique SPX®+ Accent Rings to create striking looks in a a modern Butterfly and classic aviator shape.


Bolschoi Grace

The refined frames of the Bolschoi Grace collection are made in the heart of Austria using only the finest materials. They are available in feminine Cat-Eye and Butterfly shapes, embellished with a 23-carat gold finish. Ultra-light frames and a brilliant vision experience add a splash of elegance to the sunny season.

Silhouette Light Management®

Naturally comfortable vision

The Silhouette Lens Lab in Linz, Austria is setting new standards for innovation with our patented Silhouette Light Management® lens technology. Specially developed transmittance ranges give the lenses a pleasant brightening effect and vivid, high-contrast colors, along with maximum anti-glare protection. Enjoy your moment in the sun with total protection and comfort, thanks to a natural vision experience that no conventional lenses can match.