People at the beach wearing sunglasses People at the beach wearing sunglasses
Protection in Perfection Shield your Eyes in Style

More than just a style statement, sunglasses play a serious role in overall health and wellbeing. Investing in premium shades isn’t just stylish — it’s smart.

Ultimate Sun Safety

The earlier you start wearing high-quality eyewear, the better your vision will be later on. Protective lenses are important for preserving the twinkle in your eyes because the sun’s effects are cumulative.

Silhouette takes the sun seriously. Our Lens Lab recommends colored UV 400 lenses that block 100% ultraviolet light UVA and UVB. Like exposed skin, ultra-violet exposure can deteriorate the eyes leading to cataracts and macular degeneration. The World Health Organization estimates that UV exposure causes 20% of global cataracts.

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We recommend sunglasses even on gray days as clouds do not block UV rays. And while sunlight is most intense at midday, your eyes are still vulnerable at dawn and sunset.

If you spend time outdoors near water and sand, polarized lenses are a must-have. They are treated with a chemical coating that eliminates reflective glare.

Healthy Habits

Beyond choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses, incorporating a few healthy habits into your daily routine can make a world of difference for your vision.

Drink Plenty

Hydrate more during the summer months to support the entire body — including your eyes. Dehydration can lead to eyestrain, dryness, headaches, and blurred vision.

Eat fresh

Eat plenty of fresh, natural foods. Leafy greens (spinach, arugula, broccoli, lettuce, kale) and tomatoes, peas, carrots, and zucchini are all rich in eye-protecting carotenoids, lutein, and zeaxanthin.

Go Big

The size of your lens matters when it comes to protection. Research shows that indirect exposure does affect the eyes. For maximum coverage, consider oversized or wraparound sunglasses that block light from all angles.

Stay Safe up High

Be sure to wear quality shades the higher you go in altitude where UV light is most intense. UV rays can burn the eye surface (photokeratitis) causing pain, redness, blurriness, and temporary vision loss.

Lighten Up

Rather than dark lenses, opt for gray, blue, brown, or green lenses. Why? It seems logical that dark lenses provide more UV protection, but the opposite is true. Extremely dark lenses force the pupils to open wider, allowing in more light.

Visionary vibes and a brighter mood

Sunlight brings the world around us to life. In order to fully enjoy the sunshine, we developed Silhouette Light Management®. This innovative patented technology allows you to see more yellow light, so the world around you appears brighter, with sharper contrasts and more vivid colors. At the same time, these special lenses fully protect you from harsh light and glare, including total UV protection.

Look Sharp, Stay Safe

With the right pair of shades, you can enjoy the summer sun safely and stylishly. So, embrace the season with confidence, knowing your eyes are well-cared for with Silhouette’s premium sunglasses.