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Titan Minimal Art – Unify

The minimalistic, aesthetic unity of lenses and frames.

Puristic, dynamic, elegant. Discover the perfect unity of lenses and frames.

Holistic vision

Experience the perfect unity of lenses and frames by Silhouette Vision Sensation® with the new Titan Minimal Art – Unify, available at your Silhouette Vision Sensation® retailer only.

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Minimalism and perfection

Flowing, elegant lines and a perfect symbiosis of the high-tech materials Titan and SPX®+ result in a puristic, dynamic design. The new Integrated Glazing Technology lets frames and lenses merge in minimalistic, aesthetic precision.

Made in Austria

Silhouette has a long tradition of producing in Austria. The Titan Minimal Art – Unify is manufactured with highest craftsmanship and special attention to detail.

Silhouette Lens Lab

Learn more about Silhouette Panorama® lenses, Silhouette Clear Sensation premium coating, Silhouette Photo Sensation lenses and the new Integrated Glazing Technology.

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