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4248 6051

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Lens shape: 4248

Color: 6051 Vanilla-Brown Sandstone

Discover the spectacles that have become an icon. A pair of spectacles as unique as you are.

The Icon

In 1999, Silhouette created a pair of spectacles that epitomizes absolute reduction. In 2013 the latest model followed. Titan Minimal Art - The Icon is worn by 10 million people worldwide.


The Titan Minimal Art - The Icon gives you complete freedom. With more than 400 lens shapes, a variety of lens tints and your chosen earpiece design, you can express what defines you: your personality.


The Titan Minimal Art - The Icon literally stands for design without limits - without frame, hinges and screws. One reason why NASA took them into space.

Made in Austria

Each model tells its own story. And each one starts in Austria. Titan Minimal Art - The Icon is made in Austria. Production involves a rigorous 200 step process for optimal attention to detail.

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