Puristic, dynamic, elegant. Discover the perfect unity of lenses and frames.

Holistic vision

Experience the perfect unity of lenses and frames by Silhouette Vision Sensation® with the new Titan Minimal Art – Unify, available at your Silhouette Vision Sensation® retailer only.

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Minimalism and perfection

Flowing, elegant lines and a perfect symbiosis of the high-tech materials Titan and SPX®+ result in a puristic, dynamic design. The new Integrated Glazing Technology lets frames and lenses merge in minimalistic, aesthetic precision.

Made in Austria

Silhouette has a long tradition of producing in Austria. The Titan Minimal Art – Unify is manufactured with highest craftsmanship and special attention to detail.

Silhouette Lens Lab

Learn more about Silhouette Panorama® lenses, Silhouette Clear Sensation premium coating, Silhouette Photo Sensation lenses and the new Integrated Glazing Technology.