Silhouette Virtual Try-On FAQs

  • How does the Virtual Try-On tool work?

    You've seen some glasses you like. Now you can try them on virtually on our website. It's a great way to get to know our extensive product range and to find out which of our various models suit you the best.

    To do a Virtual Try-On, take a video of your face using the camera on your device (desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone). Make sure that you follow the instructions on how to move your face. You'll also be asked to hold a standard-sized credit card in front of your face (this is an optional step that you can skip) — please use the reverse side of the card so the camera doesn't capture your personal information. Putting the credit card in the frame ensures that the glasses are displayed at the right size. Now you're all set to try on models from our wide range of prescription glasses and sunglasses that are available to try with our Virtual Try-On tool.

  • How can I access the camera?

    The Virtual Try-On tool will ask your permission to use your camera. Once you have granted permission, the tool will use the camera on your device.

  • Where can I find the Virtual Try-On tool on

    You can find the Virtual Try-On tool on the Silhouette website. Simply follow this link: In addition, all products that can be tried on virtually can be identified by an icon. You can also access the tool via the product page of any item with Virtual Try-On capability.

  • Can Virtual Try-On footage be downloaded as an image?

    Yes, the Virtual Try-On tool allows you to download the video footage as an image.

  • Can Virtual Try-On footage be saved?

    You can view the video recording in your user account for 1 year after it has been taken. However, this depends on the availability of your user account (which varies depending on your country) or whether you have accepted browser session cookies with a duration of 90 days. This happens automatically as soon as you re-start the Virtual Try-On process. The process works with session cookies provided that the cookies stored via your browser have not been deleted in the meantime. You can delete the video at any time. Our software provider ditto Technologies Inc. stores data on their servers for 2 years. You can ask our software provider to delete your data at any time by revoking your consent.

  • Why do I need a credit card for the video?

    The credit card is used to help scale the glasses so that they are displayed on the face at the right size.

  • How can the video quality be improved?

    Please ensure that you take the video in a bright, well-lit place. You will also achieve better results in the video if your hair is pulled back and your ears are visible. Look directly into the camera on your device and follow the instructions guiding you through the Virtual Try-On process.

  • How realistic are the glasses in the Virtual Try-On?

    The glasses and colors are displayed in a realistic way. There may be minor differences due to the way different screens are set up.

  • Which glasses can I try on with the Virtual Try-On tool?

    The Virtual Try-On tool is available for a selected range of optical eyewear and sunglasses. The models which have a Virtual Try-On option are highlighted with an icon.

  • Can you see at a glance which products can be tried on virtually?

    There is an icon that shows which products have a Virtual Try-On option.

  • Where can I get help if I encounter any technical problems?

    If you have any problems when using the Virtual Try-On, please get in touch with us via our contact form.

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