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The truly stylish stylist

Which Essence model best suits your face?

The truly stylish stylist

Which Essence model best suits your face?

In our Essence collection, fresh colors blend with graceful shapes to form timeless eyewear creations. Discreet but distinctive, our minimalist designs are the perfect way to express your personality. Thanks to the use of the innovative SPX®+ material, the elegant models in the collection are both exceptionally lightweight and exceedingly strong.

Whether underscoring your confidence in business meetings or adding flamboyance to an evening out – in terms of style and fit, each Essence model is as versatile as you are. Color combinations such as Rose Spirit, Teal Motion, Soft Amber, Ultra Violet and Green Balance perfectly enhance the finely proportioned lens shapes – from almond-shaped through flat-classic to cat-eye – while emphasizing the modern woman’s self-confident charm. Subtly integrated titanium elements with a matt or high-gloss finish add extra elegance to our fashion-leading designs. Find out which Essence model best suits your personal look and which lens shape accentuates the contours of your face to best advantage.

For style-conscious trendsetters: the cat-eye model

[Essence model 5523, shape GT, color 3535](

Essence model 5523, shape GT, color 3535

A feline but feminine shape, combined with tinted lenses – in rosé, for example – turns these glasses into a flamboyant eye-catcher. The upward-sweeping profile enhances heart-shaped or tapering faces with well-defined chins and jawlines. The lenses’ elegant geometry accentuates the forehead area for perfectly balanced proportions.

Slightly tinted, our rimless model shaded in Rose Spirit is the ideal match for summer types with light-colored hair. But darker types will also find that the warm, metallic tones on bridge and temples are an excellent fit.

For classy urbanites: the almond-shaped model

[[Essence model 5523, shape CV, color 7530](]

[Essence model 5523, shape CV, color 7530]

This model is the perfect fit for women who love sophisticated chic. Which face shapes do the rounded lenses suit especially well? Typically, faces with angular contours and uniformly broad foreheads, cheeks and chins. The elegant lines magically transform sharp-edged features into a balanced whole. With no rims and finely drawn, sweeping curves, this Essence model helps strongly defined faces appear softer and more feminine.

Our classy Soft Amber color mix gives temples and bridge a subtly shimmering amber sheen. The fine shading harmonizes perfectly with autumn types characterized by pale complexions and warm highlights in hair that tends to brown or auburn.

For sporty high-performers: the butterfly-shaped model

[Essence model 5523, shape EV, color 5040](

Essence model 5523, shape EV, color 5040

For all women who aim high and insist on top quality in everything – the dramatic shape of each lens combines with elegantly curved elements made out of titanium and the ultra-lightweight SPX®+ material. This sporty model has a gorgeous profile that sets off round face shapes especially well.

Our Teal Motion color combo is a perfect match for winter types with cool undertones – the strong, petrol colored temples contrast wonderfully with pale complexions. This lustrous shade flatters dark-haired women in particular, regardless of their eye color.

For elegant minimalists: the flat-classic model

[Essence model 5523, shape GS, color 7000](

Essence model 5523, shape GS, color 7000

Discerning fans of minimalist design will find that this model meets their every need. Honed down to the essentials, the oval Essence design makes a delicate, lightweight impression. Heart-shaped faces in particular will benefit from its classic but modern profile – the soft curves of the rounded lenses perfectly counterbalance strong cheekbones and a narrow, tapered chin.

The combination of pure white and transparent elements on the temples enhances the clean look of this Essence design. Not only does its timeless appeal suit every complexion – it also matches any outfit. Adding metallic silver accents to bridge and temples makes for a flamboyant upgrade that further emphasizes this model’s minimalist chic.