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Meet Accent Shades

The hiking companion you can’t be without

Meet Accent Shades

The hiking companion you can’t be without

One fitness trend is set to overtake all others – it brings people together and it benefits everyone’s health. All you need, is the right equipment to set you on your way. Introducing the Accent Shades collection, an accessory as on-trend as hiking.

According to the trend-watchers, it’s set to surpass yoga as the number one fitness trend of 2019. Whatever your age, speed or ability, hiking undeniably boosts satisfaction. Not only is it grounding and relaxing, but with the chaotic pace of modern life, it helps you truly disconnect, allowing you to dive into nature.

To get the most out of your next hike, investing in the right equipment is imperative. From the footwear that will carry you along your path to the glasses that will shield your eyes, making an informed decision on your accessories will mould your experience. Silhouette has accompanied travel and lifestyle Instagrammers, Caroline Nehring and Anthony Bogdan, as they set off on their favourite hike and discover why the Accent Shades collection is the perfect hiking companion…

“Sunglasses are simply indispensable during a hike,” says travel and lifestyle Instagrammer, Caroline Nehring.

You see: [Accent Shades, shape 8704 in color 6560 Silhouette Light Managementn<sup>®</sup> Green](

You see: Accent Shades, shape 8704 in color 6560 Silhouette Light Managementn® Green

With a heightened awareness of solar radiation, your eyewear needs to work harder when you’re hiking. The arrival of Silhouette Light Management®, a new innovation in eyewear protection, improves your visual experience, whatever the weather. With 100% UV and anti-glare protection, it eliminates every day reflections and protects you from bright sunlight, so even on the sunniest hiking days, no amount of squinting is necessary. It also offers sophisticated blue light protection giving you the right balance between positive and negative blue light we receive from screens. So when you slip off your hiking boots and return to the rhythm of daily life, you know you’re still protected.

“What I notice immediately, is how good they feel. I can move without them getting in the way or weighing me down,” says Caroline.

If you’re embarking on a long hike, you want to avoid carrying any unnecessary weight. The signature lightness of Silhouette is mirrored in the Accent Shades collection. No pressure points, no risk of headaches and no restrictions. Many pieces from the collection also offer state-of-the-art Silhouette Light Managementn® technology without compromising on utility.

“For me, it’s important that the sunglasses do not change the color or light too drastically, so I can enjoy the landscape around me without any distractions,” says travel and lifestyle Instagrammer, Anthony Bogdan.

You see: [Accent Shades, shape 8702 in color 6560 Silhouette Light Managementn<sup>®</sup> Brown](

You see: Accent Shades, shape 8702 in color 6560 Silhouette Light Managementn® Brown

When you reach your destination, and take in the view, you want eyewear that will enhance and brighten your surroundings. Silhouette Light Management® reduces the transmission of mixed colors to avoid a distorted view. It provides increased permeability for yellow tones, ensuring a clear, comfortable, lightening effect that doesn’t dazzle. The gray, brown and green-toned lenses are met with a mirrored finish and polarized filter to protect your eyes against the sunlight and to help you see beyond what’s in front of you. With a polarized filter, colors appear richer. Look at water and see what’s below the surface, without the glare and reflection of the sun staring back at you.

“They just have this aura of high-quality coolness,” says Caroline.

To get outdoors and really see the world, your sunglasses must meet your prescription needs. Thanks to Silhouette Vision Sensation® lenses, made at the in-house Lens Lab in Linz, you can now combine your prescription eyewear with your favourite sunglasses to give you improved peripheral and clear vision as you hike.

“I love the shape and color of the Accent Shades,” says Anthony.

You see: [Accent Shades, shape 8164 in color 6500 Silhouette Light Management<sup>®</sup> POL Grey](

You see: Accent Shades, shape 8164 in color 6500 Silhouette Light Management® POL Grey

Whether you’re hiking or holidaying, you want to remain true to your style while feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin. You want accessories that complement your look while giving you all the protection and practicality you desire. From the simplistic lines of the aviator frame to the retro butterfly shades, each piece in the collection radiates coolness and timeless allure. Accent Shades combines iconic style with trailblazing technology – compromise is needless.

Read the full interview with Caroline and Anthony in the latest issue of the Journal. Then, meet the five shapes of the Accent Shades collection.