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Which Essence design best suits your face?

Finding the perfect match

Which Essence design best suits your face?

Finding the perfect match

Available in a wide variety of shapes enhanced by our Fresh Color Concept, the Essence collection consists of exceptionally lightweight, modern eyewear styles that are also highly durable thanks to our use of innovative SPX®+ plastic.

Want to make a positive impression in business meetings, or feel comfortable while playing your favorite sports? You’ll love the ultimate flexibility of the Essence fit and look. The 12 color combinations are fresh and versatile, with exactly the right shading for all skin tones. Our Fresh Color Concept emphasizes the modern man’s smart chic by offering color duos such as Cool Blue, Easy Brown, Downtown Red, Black Style or Black Spirit. High-quality titanium elements with a matt or high-gloss finish set off the good-looking, perfectly proportioned lenses – from round to angular to relaxed aviator, they’re shaped to suit your style. Find out which Essence design is the best choice for you – which color combination and lens shape would best fit your personal style and facial features.

For flamboyant, urban types: the octagonal Essence model

[Essence, model 5523, shape GQ, color 9045](

Essence, model 5523, shape GQ, color 9045

With their octagonal shape, these glasses are the ideal personal statement for anyone who appreciates unconventional design. If you have a round face, you’ll find these striking octagonal eyepieces are a particularly good fit – the sharp angles accentuate and elongate facial contours. But our octagonal design also enhances the powerful impression made by strongly chiseled features, creating a truly memorable urban look.

Fitted with clear or subtly gray-tinted lenses, our Essence model in Black Spirit is a perfect match for dark brown or very black hair. But our rimless model – with bridge and temples shaded in cool tints set off by stylish metallic silver accents – is also ideal for blondes.

For sporty, laid-back types: the Essence Aviator model

[Essence, model 5523, shape DO, color 4540](

Essence, model 5523, shape DO, color 4540

This contemporary retro design is the obvious choice for athletic men who want to express their individuality. The aviator look suits certain face shapes particularly well – typically, heart-shaped or triangular faces that taper from broad forehead to narrow chin. The Essence Aviator’s rounded lenses perfectly offset these dramatic contours and help refine strongly drawn facial features.

A combination of rimless airiness with a soft color mix such as Cool Blue on the temples is a perfect fit for fairer complexions – regardless of eye color. Whereas strong temple shading such as Downtown Red provides a sophisticated contrast with darker skin tones.

For classic, minimalist types: the round Essence model

[Essence, model 5523, shape GP, color 6040](

Essence, model 5523, shape GP, color 6040

As a discreet enhancement for minimalists who often find themselves in the limelight, round lenses bring visual balance to angular contours, but also look good on oval and heart-shaped faces. With finely curved elements made out of titanium and ultra-lightweight SPX®+ plastic, this model’s elegant profile is a subtle but confidence-boosting match for any face.

Our Easy Brown color combo is a blend of warm russet brown and rich, shimmering dark brown – with stylish anthracite highlights on the earpieces. This elegant combination is an ideal match for darker complexions with golden undertones. Fairer complexions are enhanced by our Black Spirit color combination, with metallic silver temples set off by black accents. A stylish addition to the Essence family of round-lensed glasses.

For sophisticated, timeless types: the trapezoidal Essence model

[Essence, model 5523, Shape GO, color 6560](

Essence, model 5523, Shape GO, color 6560

For all those who appreciate the finer things in life and know exactly what they want. Our artful trapezoid shape lengthens the face, emphasizes the forehead and skillfully offsets rounder faces. Dominant temples in strongly contrasting colors emphasize the wearer’s profile as well as the area around the eyes, creating a crisp, timeless look.

By choosing our Downtown Red color combo, you can create a style that’s unforgettable without being obtrusive. Red temples with metallic silver accents make a tastefully minimalist impression. Together with trapezoidal lenses, they’re perfect for everyday use, while also versatile enough to be worn with all kinds of outfits.