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The best Silhouette sunglasses for your lifestyle

The best Silhouette sunglasses for your lifestyle

The sun’s out, so the shades should be on. But which sunglasses will suit your day-to-day lifestyle? Whether you’re an active adventurer who needs glasses that put comfort and functionality first, or a fashion aficionado with the latest trends on your mind, there’s a Silhouette sun range to suit you.

For the creative

Choose: Infinity collection

You see: [Infinity, shape 8705 in color 7540 Silhouette Light Management<sup>®</sup> Grey](

You see: Infinity, shape 8705 in color 7540 Silhouette Light Management® Grey

Pencil in hand, sketch book by your side, creative ideas flowing – as an artist, you need a look that’s as creative and versatile as you are. Inspired by 1950s style, the Infinity collection is vintage chic reinterpreted. Matte finishes, unique patterns and daring colors, they’re beaming with personality, just like a true creative. The collection has been reinvented to add metallic surfaces, the option of mirrored outer lenses and unisex versions coated with understated vertical stripes – it’s infinite style and high fashion only a creative can pull off. And the creativity doesn’t need to stop when the shades come out. Any model in the collection can be fitted with optical glazing so you can take your designs outside and be inspired by the world around you.

Discover why the Infinity collection is a creative’s dream companion.

For the entrepreneur

Choose: SUN C-2

You see: [SUN C-2, shape 8709 in color 6560 in Silhouette Light Management<sup>®</sup> Green](

You see: SUN C-2, shape 8709 in color 6560 in Silhouette Light Management® Green

With a straight-talking business mind, and a strong sense of self, your style is clearly defined, sophisticated and classic. You want clean lines and uncompromising durability to take you through your busy daily life. Whether you opt for the distinctive squared lens or the classic aviator style, the 23-carat gold-coated SUN C-2 adds a touch of luxury to proceedings. Screwless joints, blended with titanium and Silhouette’s lightweight SPX®+ material, give this range unprecedented functionality, ideal for the businessman or woman on the go. They’re maintenance free, flexible and adaptable like every entrepreneur needs to be. With a color range from Grey or Brown gradient lenses to classic Green and Grey tones, the look is simple and sophisticated, giving you total stylistic freedom. Business meeting? Fold them away and let the work begin.

Meet your new SUN C-2 shades. Which shape will tempt you?

For the athlete

Choose: Active Adventurer

[Active Adventurer, shape 8706 in color 9340 Glossy Silver Mirror](

Active Adventurer, shape 8706 in color 9340 Glossy Silver Mirror

For every outdoor adventure and every sun-drenched match you play, nothing should hinder your performance. When you prepare, every item you take with you or put on should be as cooperative as the players on your team. From the footwear you carefully select to the sunglasses you choose to protect your eyes, everything should support your natural ability. Like a team member, the Active Adventurer range is a companion you want by your side. With a tailored fit, double bridge and newly developed earpieces with soft components, these are extremely lightweight rimless sunglasses. Their ergonomic shape and specially developed temples give you a secure fit without any tightness – they’re as athletic as the wearer who chooses them.

Ready for your next adventure? Discover the Active Adventurer collection.

For the fashion-forward individual

Choose: Accent Shades

[Accent Shades, shape 8164 in color 3530 Glossy Caramel](

Accent Shades, shape 8164 in color 3530 Glossy Caramel

2019’s summer style is all about embracing head-to-toe pastels, so complete your look than with an ice-cream color palette of sunglasses. With macro shades in muted, pastel tones, style and understated glamor is at the heart of the Accent Shades range. Made in five distinct shapes: Rounded, Rectangular, Butterfly, Panto and Aviator, they create a bold and striking silhouette to complement any outfit you create this season. Inspired by the Morpho didius butterfly of Peru, the macro cat-eye lens comes to life in an elegant array of pastels from Glossy Caramel to Mint Rosé – an irresistible way to welcome the summer season. See clearly with the innovative Silhouette Light Management® technology and be seen in a collection that dares to make a statement.

Meet the full Accent Shades collection online and choose the shape that suits you.