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See clearly with Silhouette’s new Anti-Fog lens cleaner

See clearly with Silhouette’s new Anti-Fog lens cleaner

At Silhouette we work hard to constantly innovate the creation of eyewear. Now we have launched a new Anti-Fog cleaning cloth in the care of your glasses.

Make fogged up glasses a thing of the past

The past months have changed our daily lives significantly. Gone are the days when our glasses only fogged up when we stepped into a welcoming warm room, or sipped a steaming hot drink. Now masks and face coverings have become the norm, fogging is a daily hazard.

Silhouette’s reusable Anti-Fog lens cleaner provides free and clear vision, especially during mask use, across both optic eyewear and sunglasses. Here’s the clever part: the microfiber cloth works by minimizing surface tension, thereby preventing condensation. The anti-fogging properties create a film of water instead of single droplets, and this prevents the lens from fogging.

Fog-free all day

For quick and efficient results, evenly clean your Silhouette lenses with the Anti-Fog cleaning cloth before placing the cloth back into its sealed bag. After every use, lenses will remain fog-free for up to 12 hours. The Anti-Fog cloth can be used up to 300 times and is useable for up to 12 months.

Cleaning your frames

Besides de-misting, it’s important to take your glasses’ cleanliness seriously. Regularly cleaning your lenses will help remove smudges and dust that could otherwise strain your eyes. And especially at the moment, as a regular touchpoint, you want to ensure your eyewear is disinfected.

To safely and easily clean your glasses, first rinse your Silhouette frames under lukewarm, running water with a ph-neutral washing-up liquid. To dry them, use your Silhouette microfiber cleaning cloth, avoid rubbing with paper towels or tissues as the textured surface could scratch your lenses over time.

Three ways to extend the life of your eyewear

Regular cleaning and fogging prevention are not the only ways you can maintain the effectiveness of your eyewear. Here are three final tips to keep your glasses looking their best and working well:

  1. When not wearing them, you should always keep your Silhouette frames safely in their case.
  2. For hingeless frames, take your glasses off using both hands to avoid any possibility of stretching them.
  3. And finally, to avoid scratching, never place your glasses lens-down.

The Silhouette Anti-Fog lens cleaner will be available at an array of Silhouette partners.