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Discover the pleasure of slow travel

Discover the pleasure of slow travel

After months at home, we are all hoping to travel again one day soon. And while the thought of venturing somewhere new is more exciting than ever, busy airports, tourist attractions, and crowds have never been less appealing.

It’s time to consider joining the slow travel movement - where your experiences en route are as worthwhile as the destination itself. By slowing down, you see all of the joyous details of the journey and the destination and gain a stronger connection to the local community.

Read on for Silhouette’s simple guide to fully enjoying every journey you take and truly soaking in the sights and atmosphere.

1. Opt for slower transport

If you’re traveling further afield, swap planes for more leisurely transport options like trains or boats, where the elongated journey becomes a part of the trip and the adventure begins the moment you step out of your house.

For shorter journeys (or exploring locally), swap cars and buses for walking, hiking, or biking. Without those vehicle windows in the way you’ll see so much more with your observant eyes. When you’re powering from A to B – and looking down at your phone map – it’s easy to miss out on your surroundings. Instead, follow your imagination and take the scenic route.

Get distracted. Wander aimlessly. It may take a little longer, but there’s so much more to discover when you indulge your natural instinct to explore.

You see: Sun Lite 4079 in color 5540 SLM POL Green

You see: Sun Lite 4079 in color 5540 SLM POL Green

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2. Choose quality over quantity

We’ve all experienced a jam-packed 24-hour city break that leaves us feeling more exhausted at the end of the trip than when we first arrived. Instead of falling into the trap of ticking each landmark off a list, choose a select few and explore them thoroughly. Take the opportunity to get to know the place inside out, and your experience will be more fulfilling.

By focusing on quality experiences at a slower pace, you’ll embark from your trip revitalized, with a deeper knowledge of the destination and an appreciation for the true identity of the place.

3. Talk to the locals

Not only do locals know the hidden beauty spots of their area, but they also embody the culture of the community. By stopping and talking to locals, connecting with them by making eye contact, you’ll come away with far more than a set of directions, but a sense of what the destinations signifies, and a deeper understanding of a place you may otherwise pass through.

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You see: Accent Shades 8730 in color 9110 SLM Silver Mirror Gradient

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4. Let your senses lead you

The best way to experience a new city or culture is to indulge your senses. Follow the smell of roasting coffee, wander down that pretty, cobbled street, sample local delicacies, and stop and listen to street performers.

Experiencing a place using all of your senses allows you to be more present and helps to create lasting memories.

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You See: Accent Shades 8179 in color 5040 Brass-Nude Mirror Gradient

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5. Make the most of every opportunity

When you take a slower approach to travel, you can be more spontaneous with your time and more aware of your surroundings. Take advantage of the unknown, the distractions and the places that appeal to you. Plan not to plan, and let the opportunities that arise dictate your experience – after all, isn’t that what travel is all about?

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