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Celebrating 20 years of Titan Minimal Art

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Celebrating 20 years of Titan Minimal Art

An eyewear icon

Worn by 11.5 million people across the world, Titan Minimal Art (TMA), the world’s most revered rimless eyewear, has reached a landmark anniversary of 20 years. Since its invention in 1999, the technology behind TMA has changed the course of premium eyewear, ushering in a new lightweight era. Son of Silhouette’s founders, Arnold Schmied, reflects on the last two decades and shares the story behind TMA.

The year everything changed

In 1999, Silhouette designer Gerhard Fuchs unveiled the pioneering design – with no frames, no screws and no hinges – the new-look model was a radical change in direction for the eyewear world. Weighing only 1.8 grams, it was hard for opticians, and even Schmied’s father and founder of Silhouette, to embrace TMA. “At first sight they looked like merely a “wisp” of glasses,” remembers Schmied.

Despite their initial resistance, when customers started discovering the unrivalled “vision without boundaries”, the demand was unstoppable. “Joining together lenses and frames for the first time without using screws, using a very simple method and completely free of any irritating wobbling – there had never been anything like it in the entire history of eyewear,” says Schmied.

[TMA Icon, shape 5300, color 6058 in Black-Red Passion](

TMA Icon, shape 5300, color 6058 in Black-Red Passion

Titan Minimal Art through the years

Although they look delicate, their break-resistant material – a highly flexible beta titanium alloy – along with their hinge-free, rimless, maintenance-free design make them durable everyday eyewear for sunglasses and opticals; and the reason they’re an 11-time award winner.

Schmied explains that as the minimalist design of the eyewear does not allow for any dramatic changes, it instead calls for “attention to detail” – a Silhouette specialty. “Our technicians have worked continually for the past 20 years to improve the already exceptional technical quality.” Since 1999, we’ve seen color updates, cut-out shapes, designer collaborations and a 10-year anniversary collection to name a few of the developments.

[TMA Icon, shape 8175, color 6560 in Classic Grey Gradient](

TMA Icon, shape 8175, color 6560 in Classic Grey Gradient

Here’s to the future: the anniversary collection

While there have been many improvements over the years, Schmied makes it clear that their air has been “to work with an eye on the future”. Now, to celebrate the 20-year anniversary, Silhouette’s Head of Design Roland Keplinger has created something extraordinary.

With four futuristic shapes – round, hexagon, cat-eye and rectangular – the Special Edition 20 Years TMA comes in silver and gold-mirrored lenses. The result is a futuristic collection of sunglasses with the perfect fit and unparalleled lightness. With cutting-edge antireflective, water-resistant lenses and UV 400 protection, each pair works to shield your eyes from UV-A, UV-B and UV-C radiation.

The anniversary edition encompasses everything Silhouette glasses are known for. This collection is fashion forward yet timeless in its minimalist design, omitting anything unnecessary without compromising on comfort and style – the perfect tribute to a cherished icon. Just like the collections that have come before it, this one will surely stand the test of time.

[20 Years TMA, shape 8712, color 6560 in Glossy Gold Mirror](

20 Years TMA, shape 8712, color 6560 in Glossy Gold Mirror

Discover the whole 20 Years TMA Special Edition collection online.