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5 classic color combinations that will stand the test of time

5 classic color combinations that will stand the test of time

Fashion trends come and go, but there are a few classic color combinations that crop up time and time again. You don’t need to delve into color theory to find a winning palette. These five timeless color combos will always look good:

1. Navy and white

This nautical colorway is always chic and is equally at home in the boardroom or the beach. The classic Breton stripe is a good example of these two colors working well together. Once part of the French naval uniform, this style made the leap into high fashion after Coco Chanel was inspired by the sailors’ tops.

Style it: Wear your stripes with dark-wash blue jeans for a laid-back French look or dress them up with a tailored navy pants. Take the look one step further and accessorize with Navy Blue eyewear from the Eos View Collection.

2. Tan and maroon

You see: Eos View 2929 in color 3010 Dark Red

You see: Eos View 2929 in color 3010 Dark Red

Maroon is red mixed with a touch of brown, which explains why these autumnal hues pair together so well and why they come back into fashion every fall as the leaves begin to change. Versatile tan is perhaps best showcased in one of autumn’s most staple pieces: the trench coat. This style has been going strong since the 1800s and pairs beautifully with muted red accessories, like a hat, scarf, or pair of glasses.

Style it: Both tan and burgundy work well for larger pieces like overcoats, jumpers, and pants, so choose one as your main color and accessorize with the other, such as the Dark Red hue of Eos View.

3. Black and white

Classic, easy to mix and match, universally flattering… black and white is a well-loved combination for good reason. From the graphic prints of 60s minidresses to the classic tuxedo, black and white works for bold patterns as well as minimalist formalwear.

Style it: Keep it casual with sports-luxe black sweatpants and white trainers or wear it for special occasions with a sophisticated suit or a little black dress with pearl accessories. Whether you’re dressing up or down, pair your black and white look with the translucent Eos View in Smoky Blossom.

4. Blue and red

These vibrant primary colors pack a powerful one-two punch so don’t be afraid to skip the neutrals and go big – cobalt blue and brick-red shades look great color-blocked next to one another. In the past, this pairing has proved visually appealing on everything from flags to superhero costumes.

Style it: Choose a pair of mid-wash blue jeans with a red sweatshirt or blazer. Or accessorize the aforementioned Breton top with touches of red, like a belt or bag.

5. Black and gold

You see: Momentum Select 5552, shape JV in color 7520 Gold/Black

You see: Momentum Select 5552, shape JV in color 7520 Gold/Black

This elegant pairing crops up time and time again in designer fashion pieces, whether that’s quilted handbags with gold hardware or shiny loafers and belts with gilded buckles. Black is a sleek fashion staple that goes with everything, while gold is the epitome of luxury. This winning combination is a favorite of celebrities and high-end fashionistas alike due to the undeniable luxe touch it gives accessories.

Style it: Silhouette’s exclusive Momentum Select Collection embraces this sophisticated colorway in its new range. These limited-edition designs are a collector’s dream, combining elements of the existing, watch-inspired Momentum Collection and Accent Rings for the best of both worlds. Four distinctive lens shapes are framed with ultra-thin black accent rings and complemented by slender, gilded temples for understated luxury. Pair with any outfit to add a touch of ultra-light elegance to the everyday or save for grand black-tie occasions.