woman wearing Titan Minimal Art - The Icon Tinted woman wearing Titan Minimal Art - The Icon Tinted
Reimagining an icon A new generation of Titan Minimal Art

Silhouette's heritage: a revolution

When it comes to iconic design, our Titan Minimal Art (TMA) eyewear stands tall. Devoid of frames, hinges or screws, the TMA revolutionized the market when it was launched in 1999 and changed the face of eyewear forever.

An icon for eyewear aficionados

The TMA has not only won numerous design awards for its super-minimalist features but also legions of fans, including astronauts who have taken it to space. The TMA continues to delight its wearers and with its latest exciting iteration with tinted lenses, a new generation of eyewear aficionados are about to make the icon their own.

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A color for every mood and style:
The fresh and flattering Spheric Silver; the retro-inspired sky shaded Cosmic Blue; the romance of Rose Gold; and the subtle elegance of Mystic Ruthenium.

Reimagining an icon

It is no mean feat to improve upon an icon but by reimagining the core of the TMA with design-forward shapes and tints it becomes a new kind of icon. An icon that opens the world of TMA to those seeking to express themselves and their personalities through their eyewear. By enabling the style of the eyewear to match the craftmanship, the TMA - The Icon is a completely unique offering.

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Choose your tint:
Tint Mint is a fresh and unexpected cool green, Tint Blue a retro-inspired happy sky shade, Tint Rosé a quirkily romantic take on pink and Tint Granite a grown up grey.

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Trademark rimless style

Silhouette has also incorporated the trademark rimless-frame detail into four new shapes. They have been chosen for both their comfort and aesthetic, meaning they perform as beautifully as they look.

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New shapes:
The statement Round frame, the cult Aviator shape, the softly flattering Rounded Teardrop, and the head-turning Angled Butterfly