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“It’s still the eyes that make the greatest impression”

“It’s still the eyes that make the greatest impression”

What is considered to be beautiful nowadays? What kind of a role do the eyes and rimless eyewear play in this? For the answers we speak to Dr. Sarah von Isenburg, a plastic and aesthetic surgeon from Munich.

What is the most surprising thing you can tell us about beauty?

Averageness is a factor in beauty. People think of averageness as a negative attribute, but if we were to mix all the different features together to form a new face, we would find that face attractive. It gives us a feeling of safety because we know where we are with it.

What part do our eyes play here as a beauty feature?

They are still the thing that capture people’s attention. In our branch of medicine, eye operations are amongst the most common operations we perform. If the eyes start looking tired, if the eyelids become swollen or saggy, we associate this appearance with illness or sadness. An eye operation therefore has a positive outcome. There is an evolutionary mechanism at play whereby people prefer attributes that indicate good health.

In this respect, how would you rate the effect of rimless eyewear?

They do not act as a distraction because they do not produce a contrast in the face. They blend in harmoniously with the face. The eyes are therefore more radiant, and the wearer will come across as more open.

Is symmetry one of the main attributes when evaluating attractiveness?

Harmonious proportions are attractive. But symmetry also calls for asymmetry. Think of Cindy Crawford with that birthmark above her lip. This adds an energy to her face and makes it even more beautiful.

How does the trend of the low-key “no make-up look” fit with the latest developments in aesthetic surgery?

Good plastic surgery cannot be seen. A kind of magic has to develop and surround the person although it cannot be named or detected. If any evidence of the procedure can be seen, then in my view the procedure was not carried out properly