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Optical Eyewear

TMA Icon. Accent Rings. - A new era in eyewear design

Optical Eyewear

TMA Icon. Accent Rings. - A new era in eyewear design

Lightness and character now take an innovative new form with these rimless design icons by the House of Silhouette: Titan Minimal Art.

The collection features “TMA – The Icon. Accent Rings” – delicate SPX® rings that adorn the edges of the lenses like rims, adding a touch of finesse for a perfect, individual look. What really sets the collection apart is the innovative design: neither a classic rimless style nor conventional full-rim eyewear, the collection is a hybrid of the two that fits perfectly with the times.

The delicate rings accentuate the shape of the lenses, lending greater contour to classic shapes. Cut-outs on the Accent Rings bring excitement and highlight the feminine shapes. The finished eyewear is as individual as its wearer: a choice of six lens shapes, six Accent Ring colours and six frame colours, offering more than 200 possible variations.

Attractive combinations of titanium and Accent Ring colours are truly eye-catching: an interplay of glossy and matte surfaces creating fine contrasts. This highlight collection features on-trend pairings like brass and petrol or rose gold and amethyst.

Titanium ring shading is also reflected in the new temple ends, adding understated detailing to the soft SPX® temples.

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