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Sun Collection 2017

Prepare for Exotic


Sun Collection 2017

Prepare for Exotic

The Sun Collection 2017 by Silhouette is inspired by the most exotic of summers, one of fruits, colours and joie de vivre. The family-owned company based in Linz has focussed on the combination of sleek shapes and expressive colours with this new collection.

An exotic summer gives rise to new tones: Warm Green, Nude-Rosé, Mint-Rosé, Orange-Blue, Glossy Purple, Grey-Blue and Glossy Caramel. These colour concepts are set to dominate the fashion world in 2017, revealing to us a plethora of expressive combinations.

The antithesis of next year's intensive nuances is found in sharp lines that speak for themselves thanks to their simplicity. Shape is guided by function. This will be integral to all aspects of the design in the coming year. After all, it is the essential essence that counts.

Silhouette shades 2017

Special Edition 'Arthur Arbesser for Silhouette'

From the catwalk to the sun
When creating his first eyewear collection, Arthur Arbesser took inspiration from Arthur Miller's lifestyle during his time with Marilyn Monroe, and also from the powerful colour combinations of his own fashion collections. The combination of these two things led to 'Arthur Arbesser for Silhouette.' The Special Edition focuses on exciting contrasts in colour and shape. Rounded and angular design elements are stylishly combined with warm and cool tones.

The four strong colour combinations of the sunglasses – Glossy Caramel, Glossy Purple, Dark Green Gradient and Classic Grey Gradient – are created through a special manufacturing process. Two lenses of differing colours are inserted into one another and seamlessly connected.

Titan Minimal Art. The Icon
This Silhouette icon never ceases to surprise
Stylish accents make 'Titan Minimal Art. The Icon' even richer in design detail. And laser cut outs have taken the fashion world by storm. The men's model is somewhat subtle, with small openings in the temple, whilst the women's model guarantees a powerful and dramatic look thanks to its cat-eye shape.

Detail for the most intrepid explorer
Rediscovered - the new Explorer model perfectly reflects the flair of the 1950s.
Rims or no rims? That is the question that fashion-conscious sun lovers ask themselves with these glasses. The lens-in-lens technology creates the perception of a rim whilst offering the advantages of being a rimless pair of sunglasses. This highly unusual model is also available with optical glazing, ensuring that glasses wearers can also experience summer in full glory.

A city adventure in focus
Witnessed through round lenses, the world really does show its true diversity. A true cosmopolitan experience. The pulsing life of the big city will accompany you through the summer of 2017; the 'Adventurer' gives you the best possible perspective with the highlight colours Nude-Rosé and Grey Blue.

Adventurer Aviator
Flying high
The 'Adventurer Aviator' will also be taking off in summer 2017. The classic aviator style with drop-shaped lenses is a shape that has delighted countless pilots in the US Air Force and is once again sending pulses sky-high among designers. And this season it comes as a rimless version in Mint-Rosé – for a cool look that calls for essential soft shades.

Titan Contour
Understated masculinity
You can never go wrong with athletic elegance. He who chooses the 'Titan Contour' from the Sun Collection 2017 by Silhouette will experience this ultimate realisation. And he will always cut a fine figure. Whether in a suit or sports outfit, these highly masculine sunglasses are always a fitting choice. The perfect companion during a hot summer, ensuring that every wearer keeps a cool head. The 'Titan Contour' is available in classic Grey and Brown.

Carbon T1
Make a sporty appearance
The most dynamic of all rimless sunglasses. Thanks to the lightweight Titanium and SPX+ temples, which are combined with innovative carbon fibre elements, the 'Carbon T1' skilfully brings out your fast-paced attitude to life. The innovative carbon fibre fabric shimmers differently depending on the angle of light. It can yield either a matt Black or a glossy Grey and gives the 'Carbon T1' its athletic touch. With this design concept, Silhouette has created a model for men who enjoy life and all its vigour. Available in Grey or Brown.

Titan Minimal Art. Ultra Thin

The 'Titan Minimal Art. Ultra Thin' is just the right accessory for enjoying a carefree summer and making the most of the warmest season. It offers all-round protection for your eyes thanks to its extremely thin and highly curved lenses, allowing you to all but forget that you are wearing sunglasses. This minimalistic model features a classic colour scheme of Grey, Brown, Green and Cobalt Blue.

An innovative interpretation of the aviator classic with sophisticated design detailing: The ends of the upper bar are connected directly to the lenses. This conscious break with stylistic convention lends the glasses an avant-garde look especially with the highlight colour cobalt blue. The Explorer model features highlights in the classic Pilot style as well as a striking, sharp-edged shape.

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