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Sun Collection 2018 - Reaching for the Sun


Sun Collection 2018 - Reaching for the Sun

The Austrian eyewear manufacturer Silhouette likes to dabble when it comes to colour: its 2018 sunglasses collection makes a spectacular entrance with fresh nuances and powerful combinations.

A shimmer in the air and the colours of a kaleidoscope. The world is so beautiful when we look at its varied shades. Light and shadow combine to create an ever-changing landscape of nuance, allowing us to experience and marvel at a world of wonder. We let ourselves drift in a sea of colours, which is at times exhilarating and refreshing, and at times relaxing and regenerating. We make use of this abundance of possibilities and draw energy from the power of colour.

The colours glow in the sunlight with a metallic sheen. People have loved gold and silver tones throughout the millennia. Mystically they work through a patina that covers precious antique jewellery. The Linz-based eyewear manufacturer Silhouette takes up this impression and interprets it anew: the colour brass is used in the 2018 collection as a metallised sputter layer for titanium surfaces – and comes in gloss or silk matte.

Even the lenses themselves are reminiscent of precious jewels. They shimmer in two new gradient reflective colours: the lens in this fashionable range of colours comes in two shades: brass-mint and brass-nude.

The new sunglasses radiate pure gaiety in the style of the 80s. Immersing ourselves in the spirit of bygone days, we say: the world is ours. Anything is possible – The main thing is that we have the right mindset.

Both multicolour lenses from Silhouette are therefore colourful and fresh. Teal-rosé und blue-nude are powerful combinations. Whereas the base nuances rosé and nude each show cool and warm skin tones in a perfect light. Just like a concealer or make-up, masking effects ensure a smooth appearance in a way that is wholly devoid of complication. Shades of blue and petrol green lend a dash of freshness. Like eyeshadow, they emphasise the features - not on the eyelid of the spectacle wearer, but in the upper lens area of the sunglasses. We look forward to sunny times ahead.


Silhouette’s 2018 “Sun Collection” allows you to choose from three different colour groups according to your mood: if you love earthy, soothing and casual, go for “Brass Safari”. Tones such as brass, brown, green and caramel are contrasted by cool mint, which makes them glow.
Yearning for fun, sun and summer days? Then the "Sunset Beach" line from Silhouette is a perfect fit for you. Colours such as burnt orange, salmon or purple radiate pure joie de vivre and are ideal for the fashionable festival look - ethno fans and anyone with similar aspirations will be on cloud nine.
“Fresh Nature” promises coolness with blue, emerald green, turquoise and mint rosé. This palette of colours helps us to rest, relax and find ourselves. It will bring a touch of freshness and vitality to your face.
12 new models guarantee that you will look your best. Eight models can also be fitted with prescription lenses.

Silhouette, the family-owned company from Linz gives a real edge to the summer with five new colours of sunglasses:

Playing with fashion

The frameless sunglasses surpass themselves in terms of quality: the exciting shape-in-shape design combines with a frameless Silhouette for the first time. The “ICON Atwire” enables you to see the world from a unique perspective time and time again. Metallic parts are applied to the lens, playfully defining the contours. The jaws of the icon earpiece are stylishly integrated. The Atwire comes in a more discreet tone-in-tone version or with a colour-accentuated outer contour, depending on what you want. In any case, these sunglasses will give the wearer a distinctive and fashionable look.

TMA Atwire 8163 in 3530 Mint-Rose
TMA Atwire 8162 in 4040 Purple-Orange
TMA Atwire 8163 in 5040 Teal-Rose
TMA Atwire 8162 in 4540 Blue-Nude

Love of detail

Silhouette’s icon is dynamic and powerful: New colours add a fresh summer touch to the gentleman’s model. But the "Titan Minimal Art. The Icon“ sticks to the decent and elegant design.
The ladies are presented in a dramatic light with the cut-out variant in the cat-eye shape. You will definitely make a grand entrance in the summer of 2018.

TMA Icon 8158 in 5040 Teal-Rose
TMA Icon 8697 in 6660 Classic Grey Gradient
TMA Icon 8698 in 7630 Polarized Brown
TMA Icon 8698 in 3530 Polarized Grey

Modern Touch

Frameless sunglasses with the look of a full-rim spectacle: the inner lens of the “Infinity Collection” passes invisibly through the outer edge area thanks to special in-line glazing – prescription glazing is simple, and the result is impressive. The innovative glass-in-glass technology is enhanced by the combination of materials: a straight-line titanium bridge and earpiece carries the modern design forward. Coloured reflective effects and the combination with a transparent outer lens, ensure a particularly trendy look. Eye protection is also provided by the lens frame - which further expands the protective surface of the inner lens.

Infinity 8696 in 9140 Grey
Infinity 8161 in 5040 Teal Rose
Infinity 8695 in 5540 Brass-Mint
Infinity 8695 in 6560 Classic Grey Gradient

Cutting back to basics

With its full-rim sunglasses “URBAN Sun” and “Titan Breeze”, Silhouette once again emphasises elegant understatement and pure minimalism, making your encounter with the sun a mere walk in the park. The innovative model ensures easy wearing comfort and is therefore focussed on frameless sunglasses. “URBAN Sun” in SPX® and “Titan Breeze” in titanium adapt to every situation and are perfect companions for anyone who loves big cities. They are particularly interesting because of the new colour combinations and trends. “URBAN Sun” comes in two models – one for ladies and one for men - “Titan Breeze” come in unisex versions.

Titan Breeze 8694 in 3530 Blue-Nude
Urban Sun 3191 in 6120 Classic Brown Gradient
Urban Sun 4075 in 2540 Warm Green
Titan Breeze 8693 in 5540 Brass-Nude

Sporty casualness

Men can show off their sporty side with the “Carbon T1” model, while maintaining a classically stylish look. The sunglasses which are made of SPX®+ and carbon rise to all challenges with flying colours. Depending on the light, the innovative carbon fibre shimmers in grey or black, changing its effect. Classic grey is the new colour choice.

Carbon T1 8686 in 6235 Classic Grey Gradient
Carbon T1 8686 in 6200 Polarized Grey
Carbon T1 8686 in 6220 Grey Gradient
Carbon T1 8686 in 6236 Classic Brown Gradient

Up and away

A classic in a new light: The colour schemes “blue-nude” and “teal-rosé” as well as “classic grey” and “classic brown”, lend a contemporary flair to this favourite among countless air force pilots in the old days. The drop-shaped lens shape, which is the typical pilot look of the "Adventurer Aviator", remains a key feature.

Adventurer 8142 in 6257 Blue-Nude
Adventurer 8142 in 6251 Mint-Rose Gradient
Adventurer 8667 in 6221 Earth Gradient
Adventurer 8667 in 6220 Grey Gradient


Trendsetters value them for their rounded lenses. They open up a unique window into the many facets of urban life. Seen through the “Adventurer Nylor” in the new colours “teal-rosé” and “brass-nude”, urban life reveals its most interesting sides.

Adventurer 8685 in 6220 Grey Gradient
Adventurer 8685 in 6255 Grey-Blue Gradient
Adventurer 8685 in 6256 Brass-Nude
Adventurer 8685 in 6258 Teal Rose

Adventure with a difference

In its contemporary interpretation, the “Explorer” model shows a new side: the glass-in-glass technology allows the exterior lens to pass directly into the inner lens, thus creating the illusion of a frame. This can also be done for prescription lenses. The dynamic 50s style will ensure that spectacle wearers look their very best.

Explorer 8690 in 6255 Grey-Blue Gradient
Explorer 8155 in 6254 Orange-Blue Gradient
Explorer 8690 in 6253 Warm Green
Explorer 8155 in 6223 Glossy Purple


Carefree hours in the sun: “Titan Minimal Art. Ultra Thin” with its ultra-thin but strongly curved lenses, fully protect the eyes of the wearer from the sun’s rays. They also offer a degree of wearing comfort, so that you will forget you are even wearing them.

TMA Ultra Thin 8677 in 6238 Polarized Grey
TMA Ultra Thin 8677 in 6232 Cobalt Blue
TMA Ultra Thin 8676 in 6234 Brown
TMA Ultra Thin 8676 in 6247 Grey

Find the whole sun collection here.

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