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Optical Eyewear

Elegance Collection - Stylish Moments

Optical Eyewear

Elegance Collection - Stylish Moments

The Elegance Collection 2017 by Silhouette stands out thanks to new precious materials, exquisite craftsmanship & loving attention to detail.

High-quality 23 carat genuine gold-plated eyewear, in the clear Silhouette design language, and finished with eye-catching patterns that ensure an elegant look through their harmonious interplay Of course, the familiar Silhouette features still apply: premium quality, high wearing comfort and lightness.

A fluid wave design, delicate & feminine, is characteristic of the “Diva” family. In the new “Charming Diva” collection, these wave elements are studded with sumptuous mother of pearl, a natural material that transforms every piece into a one of a kind and shines in a beautiful play of colours. Hand-set Swarovski crystals adorn the “Crystal Diva”, now also available in fashionable pink gold, a model that symbolises glistening beauty.

The new “Gala” is pure elegance, a collection that plays with refined contrasts between light and shadow. A crystal in abstract flame shape in 4 delightful colour combinations gives the otherwise unpretentious design a touch of glitz and glamour.

Style-conscious gentlemen wear the “Prestige”, with its classic & accentuated design, as a rimless or semi-rimless model. The feel of premium embossed leather on the earpiece enhances its traditional gentlemen´s accessory look - creating a timeless, elegant perspective.


  • 23 carat gold-plated
  • 3 new colours (rhodium / mother of pearl Tahiti | pink gold / mother of pearl apricot | gold / mother of pearl white)
  • New, elegantly feminine lens shapes
  • Genuine, natural mother of pearl, each small plate exhibits different colour nuances, making it a very individual accessory
  • Available in specialist shops as of November 2017


  • 23 carat gold-plated
  • Fashionable pink gold
  • Each Swarovski crystal is hand-set
  • Flowing from the inside out, the crystals have a wave-like appearance
  • New lens shape in the fashionable butterfly style
  • Available in specialist shops as of November 2017


  • 23 carat gold-plated
  • 4 new gold-crystal combinations (gold/iridescent green, rhodium/silver night, pink gold/aurora borealis, gold/golden shadow)
  • Subtly sparkling crystal
  • Modern elegance combined with classic lens shapes
  • Available in specialist shops as of November 2017


  • 23 carat gold-plated
  • Classic gentlemen´s design for a timeless appearance
  • The high-quality embossing on the earpiece is reminiscent of fine leather structures
  • In 4 elegant colour contrasts (rhodium navy, ruthenium black, gold black, gold brown)
  • New lens shapes - both classic and masculine business look
  • Available in specialist shops as of November 2017
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