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Sun Collection 2018 - What is your summer holiday style?

Visionary design with even more colour

Sunglasses | Stories

Sun Collection 2018 - What is your summer holiday style?

Visionary design with even more colour

The top summer holiday destinations for 2018 are already beckoning. But who is travelling to where? Whether on a city break in London, on a beach getaway to Bora Bora or at a chic bistro in St. Tropez, high-quality sunglasses from Silhouette are the ideal way for any traveller to protect their eyes from UV-A, -B and -C rays. Plus, they add the finishing touch to any summer outfit. Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect look, wherever you may roam this summer!

The Sun Worshiper.
Bora Bora, the idyllic atoll to the northwest of Tahiti, is a secret paradise for beauty-seekers and rugged individuals. Who needs mainstream when you’ve got dazzling scenery and crystal-clear waters? It’s the perfect port of call for an unforgettable sailing trip. While out at sea, protect your eyes with INFINITY. The innovative glass-in-glass technology of the INFINITY collection is as unique as its wearer. These frameless sunglasses look as if they have a full rim. Through in-line glazing, the inner lens transitions virtually invisibly into the outer edge. Whether in bonbon or a classic colour, its nuanced gradation into soft blue and nude tones guarantees endless hours of outdoor pleasure.

Infinity Collection 8695 in 5040 Teal rose
Infinity Collection 8695 in 5540 Brass-mint
Infinity Collection 8695 in 6560 Classic grey gradient
Infinity Collection 8695 in 5540 Brass-mint

The Urban Explorer.
Oslo: Hike & bike. For an exciting city trip, Norway’s capital city stands out from the crowd this year with two anniversaries at once. The reigning royal couple are celebrating 50 years of marriage, and the monumental opera house is turning ten years old: that’s reason enough to check out this city’s abundant fashion and art scene. Why not explore it all by bike? Fitted with the purist, ultralight URBAN SUN, manoeuvring through city traffic has never been so much fun. Minimalism with uncompromising quality. Even after pedalling around town all day, these sunglasses still guarantee effortless comfort. URBAN SUN is available in men’s and women’s models.

Urban Sun 4075 in 9040 Brass-nude
Urban Sun 4075 in 2540 Warm green
Urban Sun 4075 in 4510 Turquoise gradient
Urban Sun 4075 in 6020 Brown

The Nature Lover.
The Alpbach Valley in Tyrol is one of Austria’s loveliest regions: authentic, one-of-a-kind and totally back to nature. It owes its idyllic charm to the characteristic style of its picturesque farms with their intricately detailed, historic wood-frame houses. This sense of tradition and longevity has also defined the Silhouette family business since 1964. Timeless classics like the ADVENTURER AVIATOR are at the core of Silhouette’s DNA and are the perfect expression of our personality. The new edition of the aviator style is beloved for its harmonious, oblong lens shape in alluring, nuanced colour combinations like blue-nude or teal-rose. Plus, most of the new sunglasses models are available with optical lenses.

Adventurer 8142 in 6257 Blue-Nude
Adventurer 8142 in 6251 Mint-Rose Gradient
Adventurer 8667 in 6221 Earth Gradient
Adventurer 8667 in 6220 Grey Gradient

The Jetsetter.
Spending a few free days on the glistening coast of the French Riviera, taking it easy and loving life: there’s hardly a place in the world more glamourous or inviting than St. Tropez. The former fishing village has earned a reputation over the years as a hotspot that is prized and loved among international high society. No jetsetter can do without a summertime hop over to the Côte d’Azur. For maximum appeal, you cannot beat the cat-eye model, TMA ATWIRE. With its shape-in-shape design, which was paired for the first time with a rimless Silhouette, these unique sunglasses are sure to turn heads amongst the parasols at the beach club. The choice is yours: ATWIRE is available in a range of understated colour-in-colour variations or with colour-accent outer contours.

TMA Atwire 8163 in 3530 Mint-Rose
TMA Atwire 8162 in 4040 Purple-Orange
TMA Atwire 8163 in 5040 Teal-Rose
TMA Atwire 8162 in 4540 Blue-Nude

The Festivalista.
Feeling freedom, with once-in-a-lifetime experiences and laidback summer vibes: fashionistas who live and love festival style complete their look with the cool TITAN BREEZE. Made from featherlight titanium, they are practically weightless, making them a stylish choice for any scene. Suiting women and men alike, their uniqueness and airy colour gradations stand out in any crowd: from April at Coachella to September at Burning Man.

Titan Breeze 8694 in 3530 Blue-Nude
Titan Breeze 8694 in 9040 Classic grey gradient
Titan Breeze 8694 in 8694 5540
Titan Breeze 8694 in 6040 Classic brown gradient
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