Pure, sporty, sophisticated, minimalistic.

With its many options, the Essence collection has the perfect model for every face shape and skin tone.

Signature colours and shapes

Silhouette stands for perfect proportions and casual, confident chic. That's why the Essence collection features all the essential shapes and sizes, from rounded to squared. One standout is the signature cat-eye model, a titanium homage to the 1960s: timeless, ultralight and refined in every detail.

Unparalleled comfort

Silhouette's Essence collection draws on the company's long tradition of stylishly combining its signature characteristics: uncompromising premium quality and unparalleled comfort. To guarantee maximum comfort, the Essence collection is designed for an ergonomic fit. Narrow proportions embody the sporty, sophisticated lifestyle.

Flexibility and durability

Meticulously crafted from a seamless blend of Silhouette’s signature materials, top-quality high-tech titanium and SPX®+, the Essence collection provides unprecedented lightness while guaranteeing the utmost resilience. The material is also antiallergenic and UV-resistant.