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What makes us feel free?

What makes us feel free?

Over the past 18 months, we’ve experienced less freedom than usual. Previously we were able to go anywhere and do anything on a whim, suddenly we were restricted with stay-at-home orders and travel bans.

Now that the world is opening up again and we’re able to indulge in our favorite pastimes once more, it got us thinking about the concept of freedom. Freedom is so much more than just the ability to travel to far-flung locations. So what exactly is it? And what experiences allow us to feel the freest?

The essence of freedom

You see: Infinity View 1595 in color 6040 Caramel

You see: Infinity View 1595 in color 6040 Caramel

There are many official types of freedom – economic, statutory, personal. But it’s the everyday kind of freedom that can be hard to put into words. This lightness of spirit allows you to break free from whatever is holding you back, and it looks different to all of us.

A good place to start is figuring out what makes you feel the opposite of free. What limits you, confines you, or ties you down? Uninspiring routines, a disconnect from nature, and the weight of responsibility are all the usual culprits.

The key is discovering what alleviates these negative emotions and replaces them with feelings of relief and liberation.

Getting out in nature

Without a break, the trappings of urban life can become stifling. The solution is simple – escape the city for a while.

Whether it’s gazing up at a starry night sky without light pollution or taking a trip to the mountains, being surrounding by nature comes with mood-boosting properties. Just being around open skies or swathes of trees creates a sense of freedom and belonging in equal measure. They say the best things in life are free, and when it comes to nature, that’s certainly the case.

Taking time out

Another way to feel free is breaking from routine to make time for something you enjoy. This varies from person to person depending on your lifestyle and hobbies: it could be discovering a new morning running route, going on a solo hike, sitting on the beach or taking a trip to a luxury spa.

There’s also freedom to be found in indulging in your favorite cultural pastimes, such as losing yourself among a new exhibition at a gallery or museum, or visiting the theater and allowing yourself to be transported for a few hours.

Freedom you can wear

You see: Infinity View 2937 in color 4540 Deep Ocean

You see: Infinity View 2937 in color 4540 Deep Ocean

Wearing glasses from Silhouette’s Infinity View collection is a feeling akin to freedom. The flexible, trimmable temples guarantee a fit so perfect, it feels like an extension of you. The transparent, full-rim design is created so the frames and the lenses blend seamlessly into one another, giving you a sense of infinite vision.

The barely-there material of the shield frames feels as light as it looks. You’ll forget you’re even wearing glasses, leaving you to focus on enjoying the activities that give you the greatest sense of freedom.

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