Female model wearing 20 Years TMA, model 8167, colour 6660

20 Years TMA

Minimalism in its most striking form.

20 Years of Love – Anniversary design

Introducing strikingly minimalistic rimless sunglasses with a futuristic geometry. Four stylish models that are simultaneously weightless and stable, with a geometric and architectural design ranging from round to angular shapes.

Golden Vision

Focus on form and functionality. Fashion-forward down to the finest detail. The 20 Years TMA sets the gold standard for sunglasses.



Iconic Hexagon

More boldness, more finesse, more allure with a geometric design that makes a slick statement.



Special Effects

The cat-eye design is still a show-stopper. Minimalist form with a fresh, futuristic style, it becomes a symbol of modern, confident femininity.



Light as a feather

Bold geometry and creative couture aspirations. The geometric lines are reminiscent of the visionary look of legendary sci-fi blockbusters from the '90s. Its comfort remains unparalleled to this day.



I simply wanted to omit anything that was unnecessary while also refusing to compromise in terms of design and comfort.

Gerhard Fuchs, Designer

Female model wearing 20 Years TMA, model 8167, colour 6660
20 Years TMA, model 8712, colour 6560
Female model wearing 20 Years TMA, model 8710, colour 6560

A breath of summer freshness to celebrate a birthday

Celebrating 20 years of Titan Minimal Art calls for something special. This is about the highest quality, unconditional perfectionism and fearless innovation. The result is the futuristic-looking Special Edition 20 Years TMA sunglasses.

The constant pursuit of innovation

The minimalism of the anniversary collection is complemented by a clear colour scheme with silver and gold mirrored lenses, which not only look cool, but also offer 100% protection against dangerous UV-A, UV-B and UV-C rays.