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Introducing: Silhouette Styled by Rita Ora

Introducing: Silhouette Styled by Rita Ora

The multi-talented star Rita Ora wears highlights from Silhouette’s Eyewear Collections, including the Special Edition Futura Dot, the new TMA Style edition with tinted lenses as well as a special Online collection: The Statement Sunnies.

Each pair has been styled by Rita in a series of stunning shots, reflecting her own personal taste and sense of fashion.

Futura Dot: Rock star and music fans

The Futura Dot Special edition, strictly limited to 1,964 pieces, has a long line in rock star and music fans with legends in the 1970s wearing the style-defining pieces. Shared values of craftmanship and creativity have resulted in a rich heritage and natural symbiosis between the music industry and our eyewear.

We are therefore proud to announce the latest visionary artist to make Silhouette their own is the incomparable Rita Ora.

The perfect muse

Known for her bold, eye-catching fashion choices and distinctive style, as well as her successful music, acting and television career, Rita Ora is the perfect muse for Silhouette’s Sun Collection.

Mirroring the energy and ambition of Silhouette’s artistic values, her achievements and successes are countless, from being the British female artist with the most UK Top 10 singles in chart history to countless award wins and nominations. Rita has also garnered more than 16 million followers on Instagram with an international audience following her every move.

We caught up with Rita to find out more about her career, inspirations and what gives her momentum as an artist and creative.

What are you proudest of in your career and how did you achieve it?

I’m always looking forward, so I’d like to think my proudest moment is still to come. However, performing at the Oscars was a huge highlight for me. It was definitely one of those pinch me moments.

What drives you as an artist?

I never want to stop achieving. It’s something deep within me that if I think I can do something then I’m going to give it a go. It’s been that way ever since I was a child, my mum really instilled that drive in me.

Who or what sums up the idea of being a visionary to you?

I think a visionary can be in any walk of life. It's about someone who has the courage and conviction to see and do things differently, to step out into the unknown and blow the rest of us away.

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What was the last thing you saw that you found beautiful or inspiring?

I was recently in Hawaii and the colors of the landscape are just awe inspiring. I would just gaze at the scenery for hours. I’ll always be a London girl at heart, but being there was such a restorative experience.