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Empowered by Lightness in Barcelona

Empowered by Lightness in Barcelona

Lightness is at the very core of Silhouette. It informs how and why we create our collections and inspires us to push for an ever-lighter way of thinking.

A unique place of lightness, Barcelona has long infused creatives with inspiration and aspiration, which is why we visited the city with two of its most exciting visionaries – the influencer, DJ, creative director, and tastemaker Nina Urgell Cloquell @ninauc; and photographer and DJ Gerard Estadella @icanteachyou.

Lightness in my life

Lightness comes most easily for Nina when she’s surrounded by music, telling us: ‘The thing that brings me more lightness in my life is music. I feel it in my blood, I feel the rhythm.’

For Gerard lightness is everywhere: ‘You can focus on the light or you can focus on the heavy,’ he explains, adding: ‘focus on whatever is brighter or lighter, choose your own path and go for it.’

A spot of lightness

Against the backdrop of Gaudi’s most influential work Gerard tells us how the city comes alive for him when he DJs. ‘The whole city is a spot of lightness in a lot of senses. You’ve got the sea, the breeze, the buildings, the architecture, people from here and outside, the whole city has this vibe of floating and everyone enjoying and living the same vibe,’ he explains.

Light state of mind

Nina explained what true lightness and a light state of mind really meant to her as she walked through city streets, saying she believes: ‘It is lightness itself not to feel any limits or barriers.’

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