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8 key pieces to refresh your style

8 key pieces to refresh your style

The turning of the seasons is a time of transition – and this spring ushers in a welcome era of change. After months of bland, stay-at-home winter loungewear, many of us are looking forward to hitting refresh with a selection of new-season trends.

If you favor a minimalist, versatile style and capsule classics, the good news is, you don’t need to go out and buy yourself a whole new wardrobe. Instead, investing in a few key pieces and accessories will help elevate your look for a new season. From color updates to new cuts, here are a few trends to try out this spring/summer 21.

1. Stride wide

Trade up your slim-fit slacks and step into spring wearing a pair of wide-leg trousers. This new, bottom-heavy shape for pants is all about floor-sweeping length flowing from a cinched-in waist.

2. Shake a tail feather

You see: Blend 5555, shape KU in 3530 Rose Dove

You see: Blend 5555, shape KU in 3530 Rose Dove

Feathers have made an appearance everywhere on the spring catwalks, from entirely feathered skirts to trim on sweaters, cuffs, and pants. This elegant floaty style adds interest and pairs beautifully with Silhouette’s light-as-a-feather Blend frames.

3. Change your stripes

Stripes are a staple in any wardrobe. This season, upgrade your basic navy or black lines by pairing two clashing patterns together: horizontal stripes with vertical; thin stripes with bold, and multiple colors. Anything goes. Alternatively, pair a monochrome striped piece with neon for an instant lift.

4. Acceptable in the 80s

The eighties revival is here to stay. Whether you choose to work shoulder pads or sports-luxe into your wardrobe, the minimalistic-yet-versatile design of Silhouette’s Blend collection is the perfect eyewear accessory to complete an eighties look.

5. Monochrome magic

You see: Blend 5555, shape KX in 4540 Navy Blue

You see: Blend 5555, shape KX in 4540 Navy Blue

This trend goes back to basics, with catwalks featuring simple black and white outfits in both block styles and patterns. For a more colorful monochrome variation, try featuring one color in varying hues. Silhouette’s Blend range of eyewear is available in 12 shades, so you can match your chosen palette.

6. Supersized sleeves

It’s time to take the shoulder pads one step further by introducing the puffed sleeve to your wardrobe. Creating instant height to any outfit, this amplified balloon shoulder holds its shape with a gathered sleeve. This trend is most popular on simple summer dresses, but with WFH here to stay, experiment first with a supersized sleeve shirt.

7. Take it to the floor

You see: Blend 5555, shape KU in 3530 Rose Dove

You see: Blend 5555, shape KU in 3530 Rose Dove

Hemlines have dropped with the trend for floor-length skirts and dresses, often in sheer materials. This floaty, ethereal look pairs beautifully with any of Silhouette’s rimless frames and their signature lightness.

8. White out

Perfect for a warmer season and (hopefully) sunnier days, all-white outfits are no longer restricted to beaches or brides. Try a crisp white shirt and pants combination as a blank canvas for any one of the looks mentioned above.

Whichever style reinvention catches your eye, Silhouette’s new Blend eyewear is the ideal accessory. A color chameleon with 12 shades and 12 lens shapes, these versatile frames will blend with and enhance your fashion choices throughout the changing seasons and styles. Browse the full range online.