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Sun Collection 2019 - The sunny side of life

Silhouette introduces the new 2019 sunglasses collection


Sun Collection 2019 - The sunny side of life

Silhouette introduces the new 2019 sunglasses collection

For the upcoming sunny season, Austrian premium eyewear manufacturer Silhouette is launching four new sunglasses collections onto the market and announcing a special edition of the iconic Titan Minimal Art for January 2019. The rimless model sunglasses of the Infinity collection, Accent Shades, Active Adventurer and Sun C 2 collections hit the market already in October.

For the 2019 season, Silhouette brings its signature lightness, perfect shape and unique character to its new sunglasses collections. The strictest standards of design with striking colors and innovative techniques result in sunglasses with timeless chic. Light shapes and expressive models with colorful accents create a vibrant look. The 17 new models cover a broad spectrum of styles. From gently transparent to vividly colorful, each pair accentuates the many facets of its wearer’s personality. Twelve of the 13 models appearing in October are also available with corrective lenses from the company’s in-house Lens Lab. A must-have for those who wouldn’t dream of being without optical eyewear from the house of Silhouette.

The October Collections in Detail

With the Accent Shades collection, Silhouette expands its successful Accent Rings range into its sunglasses collection. The look was originally inspired by the blue Morpho didius butterfly, whose wing features a fine dark edge. The large, expressive lens shapes in translucent colors exude modern retro charm and are available in three models for women and one for men. Colors for the women’s models range from Grey, Mint Rosé, Glossy Caramel or Gold to Brown, and the men’s aviator style is available in classic Green or Brown.

Foldable lightness for on the go: the C-2 cylinder hinge, tried and true from the optical collection, is now available for the Sun C-2 8708 and 8709 sunglasses models too, combined with a sophisticated blend of titanium and SPX®+. From squared to aviator, there’s a perfect shape for everyone. The collection’s colors feature a selection of gradient-tinted lenses and classic tones, glowingly accentuating the radiant look of today’s top trends. This adds an attractive, foldable model to the Silhouette Sun collection.

The Active Adventurer is a masculine model of sunglasses, designed for the sporty wearer. They feature a 9-base curve, double bridge and newly developed earpieces with soft components. Thanks to their perfect shape and extreme lightness, they always guarantee a secure fit, even during sporting activities. The choice of Grey, Brown and Black colors ensures a classic look that matches easily with a wide range of personal styles.

Ultralight frames with an innovative lens-in-lens technique, combined with a modern mix of materials and a highly linear titanium bridge and temple design. The beloved Infinity collection is also being freshened up this season. Classic shapes in the style of the 1950s are given a modern reinterpretation with matte finishes and various patterns. The collection features metallic surfaces and a range of patterns in three unisex models as well as one model for men. The expressive double-bridge model rounds out the collection with its cool transparent effect. It is a true all-rounder in every sense: its round lenses are a perfect fit for both men and women, creating a look that is beaming with personality.

A Look into the Future

This year marks a special occasion: the signature Titan Minimal Art from the house of Silhouette is turning 20. To celebrate, the premium eyewear manufacturer has taken the opportunity to develop a special edition of the award-winning design icon. With the usual lightness, the four new models feature innovative technologies that protect the eyes against UV-A, B and C as well as hazardous blue light from smartphone screens. Each of these special-edition models has its own story. And all of them begin in Austria, where the TMA has been made since 1999 with a great eye for detail and a production process of up to 300 steps.

The shapes feature a geometric, architectural design, invoking the minimalistic design vocabulary of the earpiece. This simplicity is also reflected in the clear choice of colors. Only silver and gold mirror lenses are used.

Fashion Meets Technical Precision

The timeless design of Silhouette eyewear accentuates the multi-facetted personality of every wearer. As the leading maker of premium rimless eyewear, the company designs and manufactures new, innovative products, adhering to a very high standard or craftsmanship while also using the latest materials and productions techniques.

Silhouette sunglasses offer exceptional protection for the eyes as well as unparalleled comfort for the wearer. In addition to the usual quality standards, such as 100% protection against UV-A, B and C radiation, antiglare coating and water-resistant lenses, the sunglasses also offer a wide range of innovative features.

New this season: Silhouette Light Management. This technology from the house of Silhouette provides the highest level of protection and functionality. It offers perfect antiglare protection, a pleasant brightness-enhancing effect and brilliant, vivid color vision. All Light Management sun protection lenses are available (with and without an optical prescription) in classic colors Brown, Grey and Green. The IQ-POL filter protects against harsh sunlight and heavy glare. Silhouette Light Management covers various transmittance ranges. The result is significantly stronger blue light protection and powerful contrast enhancement for comfortable vision.

The Silhouette SUN RX symbol signifies which colors of the Original Plano sunglasses lenses are also available for optical sunglasses. Starting now, Silhouette also offers its proven Vision Sensation technology exclusively for optical sunglasses in many colors and more than 400 different lens shapes.

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