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Full-rim Collections Empowered by lightness and maximum style.
  • Woman wearing purple Vivid Sky frames and green blouse

  • Vivid Sky

    The dynamism of digital art

    Vivid Sky is an all-new range of full-rim frames inspired by digital art. Designed for urban professionals, whether worn for work or pleasure, four bold square, round, and rectangle styles are available in a selection of deep hues and vibrant colors sure to make a statement.

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  • Woman wearing orange Vivid Sky frames and olive green jacket

  • close-up of a man wearing Vivid Sky frames in different blue tones

  • Two women wearing orange and pink colored blouses and full-rim collections Illusion Lite

  • Illusion Lite

    Understaded urban cool

    Comprising signature details in easy-to-wear designs, Illusion Lite is a carefree mix of light and color designed to be worn all day, every day. A contemporary addition to playful or professional wardrobes, handcrafted colors and two-tone gradients features on understated frames offering broad appeal.

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  • Two men on the beach wearing beige clothes and natural colored full-rim models Illusion Lite

Infinity View

Smart, cosmopolitan and contemporary

Statement combinations of color and form that look as light and airy as they feel: Infinity View provides unrivalled flexibility, comfort, elasticity, and longevity. Lime, Dove Blue, and Lavender hues sit alongside natural finishes across four outstanding shapes with a clean design and flash mirror coatings that dance on the surface.

  • woman wearing dark brown SPX Illusion

  • SPX Illusion

    Silhouette's most popular full-rim glasses

    SPX Illusion is a comprehensive all-in-one package for maximum simplicity: Incredibly light, skin-friendly, and crafted from high-quality SPX®+, which is more durable than traditional acetate. Providing simple design, popular shapes, and easy-to-wear-colors, it suits every face shape.

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  • Woman wearing rosé-opaque SPX Illusion

Spectrum of expression