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The 6 design principles of Momentum

Elevate your look

The 6 design principles of Momentum

Elevate your look

Time and tide wait for no man, so the saying goes. So here’s a whistle-stop guide to the six design principles of Momentum, the Silhouette eyewear collection, created for everyday wear. Inspired by the aesthetics of a watch, each piece fits seamlessly into every hour of your day – from morning meeting to after-work drinks. It’s that one accessory to elevate your business look. Comfortable and practical but effortlessly elegant.

1. Simple elegance

Pared back to the absolute essentials, with every element perfectly balanced, the purity of the design is fundamental to this collection. The contrast of rimless frames coupled with the matte surfaces at the temples is a master class in elegant simplicity. Momentum’s iconic minimalism makes a powerful style statement – these eyewear designs speak softly of laid-back sophistication, as understated as a delicate piece of jewelry. This is eyewear that transcends the here and now, to live on as a timeless staple in your own collection.

[Momentum 5529, shape HE in 4005 Rhodium / Heather Violet](

Momentum 5529, shape HE in 4005 Rhodium / Heather Violet

2. Discreet detailing

With designs as pure as these, details speak volumes. Which is why the earpieces on each of the 12 models in the range feature a subtle decorative ring – a delicate touch that makes each design subtly unique. It’s those intricate details that take your everyday business look to another level, and help you showcase your individuality.

3. Precision engineering

As with all the best designs, with the Momentum collection function is just as important as form. Lenses perfectly match the frames, creating optimum vision. Adding to the pleasure of wearing these designs is the smoothness of the new Pin-cision hinge mechanism. Inspired by traditional watchmaking techniques, they ensure that the frames always sit perfectly on the wearer’s face.

[Momentum 5529, shape FG, in 4510 Silver / Pacific Blue](

Momentum 5529, shape FG, in 4510 Silver / Pacific Blue

4. Exceptional materials

Uncompromising quality is one of Silhouette’s hallmarks and true to this tradition, the Momentum collection uses only the finest materials in frame construction. Crafted from titanium, the frames are supremely light but strong enough to cope with the demands of a busy lifestyle. Robust and beautiful – it’s the perfect combination for everyday eyewear.

5. Comfort and practicality

As any spectacle wearer will tell you, comfort ultimately trumps style, especially when during the working day. But with the Momentum collection there is no need to compromise on either front. Thanks to the unique properties of titanium, the lightest and strongest of frame materials, these frames are comfortable enough to wear all day without leaving unsightly pressure marks. What’s more, the rimless frames ensure an uninterrupted field of vision. No boundaries and no restrictions.

[Momentum 5529. shape HS in 5010 Silver / Cote D’Azur Blue](

Momentum 5529. shape HS in 5010 Silver / Cote D’Azur Blue

6. Subtle colors

The precious metal frames come in a range of understated tones. The masculine palette for the seven men’s models includes subtle shades of Cohiba Brown, Pacific Blue, Titanium and Iceland Black, while the five models in the women’s collection range from Rose Gold through Heather Violet to Côte d’Azur Blue. This sophisticated color palette makes them perfectly suited to everyday wear (though their discreet good looks suit any occasion, whether you’re dressed for the office or meeting friends).

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